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Being a Lightworker and an Empath is not necessarily an easy path. As an especially emotionally sensitive person and healer, you have the tendency to absorb other people’s energy. 


You embrace other people's emotions and situations as your own, deeply empathetic to what they are going through.There people in your life; friends, family and clients that leave you feeling exhausted. Seeing them leaves you feeling depleted and overwhelmed by negativity. You feel overwhelmed visiting public places that have a lot of people. You experience intense feelings of anxiety or extended periods of sadness, although you aren't quite sure why. 


My name is Laura Wilkinson and I specialize in holistic coaching for Lightworkers, Practitioners, and Empaths.


My personal journey led me to my professional journey where I learned how to apply flower essences for myself. Flower essences are a tool that should be in every Lightworker and Empath’s tool box! Flower essences are easy to get, easy to use, easy to travel with and very affordable (between $9-20!!).


Much like yourself I was struggling with some of these very same challenges. Throughout the years I have learned practices and tools that work exceptionally well to keep me centered and protected while still allowing me to keep experiencing the world through my heart; connecting to people and places in a way that helps me experience connection on a deeper and safer level.


After witnessing the positive impact these practices had on my life, I became passionate about sharing them with others who might still be struggling to see the gift of being a Lightworker and an Empath. Flower Essences are a gentle bridge between being a sponge absorbing other people’s energy, and being a healer; doing heart centered work, changing people’s lives for the better and feeling blessed for being a channel of healing.


Imagine a life with personal boundaries.


Imagine what it's like to have a healthy relationship with family, friends and clients. 



Flower essences are energy medicine, they contain only minute amounts of the plant. Flower essences contain the etheric imprint of the flowers in the water, without having the actual plant in the essence.  It's an energetic level of vibration that the healing qualities of the flowers are taken into your body bringing harmony to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states. 


Flower essences can be used safely with other medications. They don’t interfere with pharmaceutical medicines, supplements, other energy medicines or special diets. Flower essences can work for you.



Allow yourself to blossom into your best self.


When I began using flower essences I noticed myself shifting to become the person that I always wanted to be. The person that I knew existed deep inside of me, under the layers of anxiety, fear and always reacting to life.


I was able to go to events that had large crowds without feeling anxiety. I could socialize with other people while feeling calm and confident and completely present in the moment. 


There is tremendous relief in being able to keep an open heart without feeling exposed and vulnerable.  


To help you bridge the gap of where you are to where you truly want to be I created:

The Flower Essence Workbook for Lightworkers and Empaths

It's a PDF workbook that you can download for easy access.This amazing e-book is easy to use and it's a combination of: a 6 Step Protocol on how to use and select flower essences, 7 days worth of flower essence journal templates to print and record your progress, a chart featuring 27 different flower essences  highly beneficial to Lightworkers and Empaths. Also included are resources which make it easy to order flower essences. Take the guess work out of how to self-assess for the common challenges of being a Lightworker & Empath.



My clients love the Flower Essence Workbook!


Emelina - “Thank you! Laura Wilkinson for this amazing e-book. You did a great job. This is a very good and powerful resource that is also easy to follow and use for any person at any level. I like the journal and structure you created for those who need that format to  track their progress and stay on task. Much love to you and much  success always. Big hugs!”



Tammy - “Laura's passion for Flower Essences is brought to light in her new Workbook. The workbook is a true reflection of Laura in that it is detailed, an easy read, full of love and perfect. I have a critical eye when I read and Laura has done an amazing job of making this a very, very user friendly guide   packed full of useful information. I have studied Flower Essences and Laura's workbook has added to my  knowledge. Thank you, Laura for a job well done!”




Betsi - “I have been receiving hypnotherapy from Laura over the past year and a half. I've had about six sessions in conjunction with flower essence remedies. When I began to use the flower essence remedies at first I noticed subtle changes and then after using them regularly I started to notice huge differences. The different things that I was using the flower remedies for or actually supporting my energy around those concerns. I've become much more aware of my true self and I have noticed that when I get lazy and I don't take those remedies I can feel the difference. My energy will be lower I won't want to deal with the issues that I'm working through in my life. Laura Wilkinson has supported me through my process. She's given me great reminders and great tools I believe this workbook is a fantastic thing. I recommend this to anyone. I  know for a fact being a light worker and healer is a wonderful thing but it can also be very draining. Learning to protect myself in ways that benefits my clients my friends my family people I coming to contact with every day. So yes , Laura Wilkinson I would very much like to thank you and wish you many blessings. I wish  everyone would take the opportunity to look up this information and see if anything speaks to you. Laura really is a very gifted guide for many people.”




Judy - “This is an amazing tool that I cannot wait to begin to use. Being a very busy woman, working full time and having a family, I find that I use the flower essence in the steps suggested by Laura, but do not follow through with documenting it. I feel this is extremely important to do, to allow more inner connection with myself from day to day (or even spray to spray). The changes that take place during the flower essence therapy might not be noticed instantly, and it is crucial during a time where my intuitions are allowed take over when my emotions might lead me to forget to make note of them. I am especially thankful because this is written so I can understand better, as a beginner using flower essences. It is clear, precise, and I know very well thought out in process to completion. Very well done, and the simplicity is beautiful and elegant. Thank you, Laura, for again finding ways to help us grow from within.”



C. Campbell- "Your workbook is divine! Just what I needed to help guide me to my true north principles and passion!"



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