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Spiritual Transformation and the Healing Crisis

As we grow through life transforming from the person that we were in the past and evolving into the person that we want to be in our future, we often have this fantasy in our mind that imagines this as somewhat of a black and white process. We see in our minds eye the person who we were before and we imagine the person that we will become in the future. We imagine that through creating new habits in our life; positive affirmations, yoga, a "healthier diet", re-framing our thoughts to support positive thinking, aromatherapy sessions...etc., we somehow in a way romanticize the road to transformation. The truth is that there are ups and downs and yes, there may be things around the next bend that we don't see coming. This is not meant to scare you! This is to let you know that you aren't alone and the backslides that you may be experiencing right now can be totally normal. 

During our new journey we forget that we are healing ourselves. As we grow through this process we are clearing out our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Just as with cleaning out an actual closet that has been crammed full of junk until it's reach maximum capacity, you can't simply take out one item to clean it off and put it away somewhere else without all of the other crap in your closet avalanching out and spilling everywhere. Sometimes cleaning out the closet, things can get really messy. The process needs to be strategic.

This is also true for transformation. And if you don't know that you've just begun a healing crisis, it can mistakenly feel like failure, disappointment and you might even think that you're backsliding. Because now that you've opened that closet door and everything came spilling out, you may be standing in that pile of junk and thinking...this is a bigger mess than before. 

Remember, perspective is everything! If you were to only look at that pile it would certainly seem like a mess. But if you look at the entire process of cleaning the closet then it makes more sense. 

Here are a few tips that are important to remember as you're healing your life and opening up your closet doors to clean out the scary contents inside:

  • Explain to the people who are the MOST supportive of you, that you are embarking on this healing journey. You may need  for them to help lift you up when you are in need of extra support. This is giving them a heads up that you will probably be calling on them to help you in moments that are rough for you.


  • Allow yourself to receive support. It's one thing to ask and it's quite another to receive. In those moments of need, pick up your phone and give someone a call. Reach out and let your supporter know that it's time and that you need them.


  • Give yourself a healthy amount of personal space to process your healing crisis. Ask for the support of others when you need it, and also remain self-aware so know when you need to spend some personal time alone for self reflection. 


  • If you feel overwhelmed to an unhealthy/unsure level, get professional help! 


So What Does a Healing Crisis Look and Feel Like?

Imagine a strong of yarn that has a knot every few inches. For some people the strong is short, for other it's longer. Some people may have more knots than others. Each knot represents a wound in either your body, mind, emotions or spirit. The string links together wounds which share a common factor. For those of us who have experienced a lot of trauma in our lives, our string of knots becomes like a net. And there is a lot of unraveling to do! 

Untying each individual knot can take quite a long time. But if you know which thread to pull that will unravel several knots at a time the process becomes much quicker and more effective, this is where it's important to understand the mind, body, spirit connection. It's one thing to be focused on a symptom of a problem and quite another to be able to identify the root cause, the approaches to "cure" are usually vastly different. 


Here's a quick example: Let's say that you're focusing on healing your life, more specifically healing your relationships with other people. As you are doing this you might suddenly start getting an agitation in your throat. The agitation turns into a sore throat, which then makes you hoarse and before you know it you've lost your voice. But this isn't just a physical symptom of a physical ailment. 

An illness like this is often a manifestation that shows up in the body to call attention to an area of your life that needs to be healed. It's like your body's way of waving a flag to shout "Woo hoo! Over here!! While you are cleaning out that closet, there's some junk over here that's ready to go!!".

With the throat chakra being the center of communication (as in speaking and listening), this could be an opportunity to address the way that you communicate with others or even your self talk. You might consider if you need to heal the way that you express yourself. Do you feel heard? Can you freely express yourself to other people? Do you hold back your words? Do you have a habit of holding back your tears, which can become emotional blocks in your throat that feel like something is constantly stuck? 

So then after you've brought healing your throat, clearing the old beliefs and patterns that once held you back (possibly some sort of medication to support your healing)....then your stomach starts to bother you. You begin having stomach issues and think that whatever nasty virus was in your throat has now traveled down to your stomach and now it's giving you gut problems. So now your next step would be to heal your solar plexus, the chakra center that is all about your personal power and sense of self. 

To someone who has no idea what a healing crisis is, this could easily be dismissed as simply a nasty virus that is hard to heal from. And while that may be true, I recommend that you use your own judgement in whether you think you need to seek medical treatment or if you are confident in your own ability to heal yourself. You CAN be on a medication while exploring the possibility that you might be experiencing a healing crisis that is body, mind, spirit related. Really it's all relative. The real key is self-awareness. 

I am not a licensed medical doctor and I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. However, if you think that you might be experiencing a healing crisis and you are ready to be fully committed to healing yourself (mind, body and spirit) please send me, Laura Wilkinson, an email so that we can begin your holistic journey to healing as soon as possible.

True healing requires a strategy. This is not one of those things in life that you can just "wing it". 


Blessings to you on your journey,

Laura Wilkinson


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