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6 Steps to Surrender and Let it Go


Two years ago on the night before New Years Eve I experienced something that totally freaked me out. It was late at night, my husband and I were in bed watching a movie. Out of nowhere came this very strong distinctive smell of cologne. It was so strong that it made my eyes water and burned my nose, not joking! My husband and I looked at each other with a look that said 'OMG'. This wasn't the first time that I had this kind of experience but it was the first time that my husband had witnessed it with me. 

We knew that we weren't alone in the room. I admit I didn't feel threatened by the presence but it really freaked me out because this isn't something that I experience often and it's certainly something that I don't have a lot of other people telling me that it happens to them. It's not "normal". 

My husband and I sat on the bed and just looked at each other as the scent kept growing stronger. Then we felt a chill pass across us both (first over him and then across to me). After it crossed over us the scent faded away pretty quickly. I didn't want to sleep and had a really difficult time sleeping that night. What in the world was that?!

I had a pretty good idea who our visitor was because I had spent the couple of days before recalling fun memories of him. He is someone that my spirit speaks with often and I don't hesitate to ask him for extra support when I need it. It was the spirit of my good friend who was KIA in 2005. How do I know that it was him? Because I asked and then I paid attention to the answers that I received. 

There was something that was weighing heavily on my heart at that time for far too long and I was having a really difficult time in letting it go. I knew how much it was affecting my life by holding onto it but in my mind I felt like if I let it go I was saying that it was something acceptable. This was something that I felt very strongly about. 

So here was my message "Let it go." It's not about being wrong or right. It's about being happy and healthy. 

This was not the message that I was wanting to hear. At the time I felt like it meant that I was giving up or giving in. But in my heart I knew that this was hurting me to keep holding on to it. I knew that I had to surrender my thoughts and emotions around it and just let it go. There was something so much larger that the universe was trying to hand me but how could I hold that precious gift in my hands if I refused to put down the crap I was already holding? 

I  was moved that my friend came to me in a time of need and delivered this message to me. It was something that I already knew in my heart yes, but apparently I needed to feel supported on a higher level in order for me to make  peace with it. It's not about being right. It's about being happy. 

So far this week I have heard a zillion social media messages talking about setting a new intention for 2016. So set your goal and start taking action to make it reality. In the process don't forget to put down what isn't working for you so that you can have room to accept the new. It might mean that you need to surrender. Let go and let God. If you need to see the writing in the sky...well here it is! Surrender Dorothy! 

How to Surrender and Let it Go

1. Write it down. Write down everything that you can think of which you experienced this year and get it out of your system. What happened over the past year? How did that affect you? 

2. Realize that whatever negative experienced you had this year happened in the past. It's over, that time is gone now. Do not continue to re-live it in your mind. It can no longer hold power over you unless you keep feeding it energy. 

3. What lessons can you take from this/these experiences? How can you use them to grow? Is there another way to look at the situation? Write down 3 different ways that you can look at this differently. Choose the point of view that matches the way that you want to feel.

4. Take your lessons and let the rest of it go. You don't need the story. You keep what helps you grow and then you surrender your story. Don't anchor yourself with a story that isn't allowing you to grow. It may help to say it aloud "From this experience I learned (what you learned). I choose to continue to grow, remembering the lessons that I have learned and I now choose to release this story." Surrender that experience. Let that crap go so that you have room in your heart to hold on to something beautiful. 

5. If you made some choices that weren't for your highest good forgive yourself. You did the best that you could at that time. It might not have been very good, but it was what you felt that you were able to do in that moment

6. NOW choose again. You can make a new decision any time you want. You don't have to wait until the New Year to start a new you! Right now, commit to do better. Commit to BE better. Create a plan to help you implement the lifestyle that will support you in being that person.


Blessings to you in this New Year,

Laura Wilkinson


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