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Blog posts : "Spiritual Crisis"

Spiritual Transformation and the Healing Crisis

As we grow through life transforming from the person that we were in the past and evolving into the person that we want to be in our future, we often have this fantasy in our mind that imagines this as somewhat of a black and white process. We see in our minds eye the person who we were before and w…

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6 Steps to Surrender and Let it Go


Two years ago on the night before New Years Eve I experienced something that totally freaked me out. It was late at night, my husband and I were in bed watching a movie. Out of nowhere came this very strong distinctive smell of cologne. It was so strong that it made my eyes water and burne…

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Ho'oponopono: The Healing Art of Forgiveness


All healing starts with love. As we love and forgive ourselves, we are are helping to heal the world. Whether you are someone who experiences post traumatic stress disorder or someone experiencing a chronic illness or cancer, Ho'oponopono may be a healing practice that can benefit your l…

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