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Transforming From A Broken Society


If the American presidential election of 2016 has shown us anything  it's that we have gaps in our belief systems and lives that are ripping our nation. What does that mean? It means that the social structures that we have set up are failing and hurting the majority of people who are in the middle to bottom of the totem pole.


The middle and lower classes are hurting. They lack mentors who know how to make the neccesary changes that it takes to achieve contentment and financial security. And without guidance getting out of the current reality takes SO much energy and effort, it can feel seemingly impossible. Some people are in so much suffering that they are unable to see a way out. 


I have witnessed this first hand living in Sonoma County, California where the costs of living have tripled within the past five years while workers wages have only slightly increased. It's not a sustainable lifestyle structure for a majority of the people.


Money however is only a part of the problem. Money itself can not heal the needy. Feelings of desperation, resentment and disempowerment only lead to more feelings of desperation, resentment and disempowerment. If money can't solve our problems in society, then what will?


"You don't know, what you don't know."


If you have read Robert Kiyosaki's book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" then you probably understand that mindset plays a very BIG role in being successful. If however, you aren't surrounded and supported by people who have wealth (think in terms of not just money but also knowledge) then you may not understand the differences in the way that the upper, middle and lower classes operate in their lives. The view from the valley is VERY different than the view from the top of the mountain!


A very large portion of the problem is in our perceptions about life and they ways in which we function in our daily lives.  We think differently, act differently, and our opinions of the resources which are available to us are vastly different than the people outside of our social status. It's challenging to relate to something which we do not understand. This creates the gap that divides us.


Recently I was thinking about the saying "I'm broke." This is a fairly common term that people use when they feel like they don't have money. It sounds so absolute and implies more than financially lacking or as I have started saying "financially desiring more".

When someone says they are broke it is usually in reference to money but it's really so much more than that because body, mind and spirit are all a part of the whole. So when we are "broke" or "poor" it's really saying that our entire subtle body system is out of balance. The mind is off in the the ways which we think. Our spirit is off in what we allow ourselves to believe and the body is often hurting or suppressing disease which have manifested in the body as a result of thinking and feeling anything less than whole.


We are living damage control. Damage control. A constant state of survival mode. And it's not only a need to help adults get their body, heads and hearts re-aligned, entire families have been affected by thousands of years of bad belief programming (I will hook you up with some links to reference). We need to help our children and youth learn the tools while they are STILL young, because they are affected too. We need to equip them with the tools that will help them find the path of success with less resistance because they are still young.


Let's talk a little bit about resistance. It's a natural response for people to feel resistance to change. Consciously most people would like for things to be different. However, the subconscious part of the mind is the one who has deeply seeded beliefs about what's safe and what's a no go.

Change is a 'no go' zone. The subconscious mind fears what it's not already familiar with. Much of the time it's the fear of the unknown, because even when life sucks or we want something to be different than it is, at least as it is we know what to expect. It keeps us out of flight or fight.


There are people who are suffering but they don't know how to escape their current reality and a majority of people are resistant to change because subconsciously they really don't know if it's a change for better or for worse, so it's interpretted as being safer to stay the same. This is the problem! It's keeps you stuck in mediocracy. Money alone cannot solve our problems, thinking that it is the only answer keeps people from evolving in their own life. This is why the majority of lottery winners end up losing all of their money and fall back to being “broke”. They never fixed the underlying problem.


I know this might be a lot for some people to take in,  it is an emotionally charged topic. But, I can't keep quiet about it anymore because I am committed to helping you.


Recent months, (years really) have thrown us out of balance. I am certainly not excluded from experiencing some of those feelings of chaos, although I have an array of tools and techniques that help me move through my feelings. As a Mind-Body Practitioner, I understand the body/mind/spirit connection and I can guide you to begin repairing the damage. It takes effort but it is worth your life happiness.


It's part of my divine mission to help you  break through the barriers that keep you from living a life that you love. The Wilkinson Effect is launching 3 unique programs to bring empowerment to your entire family!



1)The Children's Mindfulness (Membership Club)- Giving your children the tools to help them grow confidence, learn how to focus and gain the ability to calm their emotions using simple tools that they can use through the rest of their life.

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2) Young Adult Life Skills (Membership Club)- Teaching young adults the skills and knowledge they need to help them grow into successful adults. From how to change a tire, to how to grow your income. ( The waitlist is not yet available.)



3) Starting Over (A 6 Month Group Program): To guide you through healing your faulty old beliefs about your life destiny and re-aligning you with the life you deeply desire. Helping you heal your life to get you move forward from the life patterns that are holding you back. (Space is limited to only 25 people in the Group Program)

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It's time to step into healing our society.

"BE The Change That You Want To See In The World!" Because it starts with YOU!


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