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Top 10 Reasons To Quit Smoking & The Top 4 Reasons Why You Don't Want To Quit




You have so many reasons why you want to quit smoking, very likely including personal achievement and social pressures. This list is the Top 10 Reasons To Quit Smoking.


1. You will save money $$$ *cha ching!* -This is a big incentive for a lot of people.

    Think about how much it costs for the following: 

  • Cigarettes
  • Healthcare costs-Premiums, deductibles, co-pay, medication. (Smokers tend to pay more for healthcare!)
  • Life Insurance (Smokers pay more for life insurance!)

2. Your pride. NOT in a negative sense but FEELING PROUD of your accomplishment.


3. Your Family, Children, Friends. These are the people who love and care about you. 



4. You will smell better! Your breath, clothes, hair, hands, your house and your vehicle.


5. How great will it be to breathe easier?! Breathe more fully.


6. Say "YES!" to LIFE by allowing MORE oxygen into your cells.


7. Help the environment. You will no longer be contributing to creating toxic environments.


8. No more feeling aggitated looking for "Smoking Zones".


9. Cigarette prices are RISING. The cost of tobacco keeps getting higher and taxes continue to go up!


10. You will reach a NEW Level of Self-LOVE. 



You have plenty of absolutely credible incentives to quit smoking. But you might still be feeling stuck.

Like 'I wanna but I'm not sure if I can..'

Now let's take a look at the Top 4 Reasons Why You Don't Want To Quit Smoking.



1. Fear of FAILURE. You might know that you want to quit but you're scared. Here come the "What if.." questions.

  • What if ... I try and I fail ... just like every time before.
  • What if...I disappoint people.
  • What if ... I disappoint myself.
  • What if ... ______________

2. Fear that you will compensate by using a different unhealthy habit.


3. Fear that you will be unpleasant. 

  • Mean
  • Angry
  • Short tempered
  • Sad
  • ______________


4. Fear of "what's next?". What will you do with yourself now? You don't want to feel uncomfortable.


These are very real fears that are common with many people who have the desire to quit smoking. The desire for change IS there! But so is the fear of the unknown. Now, let's start releasing those fears just as easily as letting go of a handful of balloons. 



First you should know that Fear is a LIAR! All of the Top 10 Reasons To Quit in the list above are factual. The Top 4 Reasons Why You Don't Want To Quit are scenarios that have only been imagined in your mind thus far.

FEAR: False                                




Fear is your subconscious mind at work trying to keep you safe by protecting you from perceived dangers such as: change. Even when the present circumstances aren't ideal, in your subconscious mind you feel comfort in knowing that at least you know what you can expect. Fear of the unknown has the tendancy to hold people back from achieving their true desires.


Even When Facing Fear You Always Have A Choice. 


You Can:


Forget Everything And Run  




You Can:


Face Everything And Rise



The question is: Which person do you want to be??


You CAN feel fear as a form of concern or worry and still take a step of faith anyway. Click this link to get Quit Smoking Tips .


To help you bridge the gap of fear to faith I've formulated a Smoking Cessation Program that uses supporting alternative healing methods. This program is a 4 week Smoking Cessation using hypnotherapy. 


If you're thinking "hypnotherapy??" Before you start getting sidetracked by age old wivestales about hypnotherapy, let me help you understand what it actually is.



Hypnosis is an Altered State of Consciousness (ASC). It's an altered state of consciousness similar to day-dreaming (spacing out), meditation, sleep, prayer (Yes!), visualization, reiki, biofeedback, and yoga. The term hypnotherapy was coined by James Braid (Known As The Father of Hypnosis) from the Greek word hypnos which means sleep and the Latin word therapeau which means God's work. The term hypnotherapy can literally be translated and better understood as God's work through a sleep like state of mind. 


During altered states of consciousness the subconscious mind can be much more accessible. The concious part of your mind is the analyzer. It helps you make decisions, judgements and likes to pick things apart. It helps you take action. The subconscious part of your mind operates very differently. It is much more creative and imaginative but it takes the information that it absorbs and it interprets it to be literal and absolute.


The subconscious mind isn't rational and does not filter out information the same way that your conscious mind does. In fact, the rational mind doesn't begin to develop until after age 7, so many unwanted beliefs that don't truly align with your personal values can be picked up during childhood, tucked away in the back of your mind. 


Let's get back to Quitting Smoking. While the conscious rational part of your mind wants to quit, many people have a contradicting subconscious mind that is full of fear and doubt. Until these two parts or your mind are in agreement, you might be feeling like you are fighting an uphill battle.


That's exactly why The Wilkinson Effect Smoking Cessation Program is structured to bridge these two levels of your mind by using Transformation Life Coaching processes and Hypnotherapy. In this way you are able to use both your rational mind and your creative mind to align with your true desire to quit smoking.


Reinforcing a desire to quit smoking should include building on self-esteem and releasing any blocks that have prevented a successful outcome in the past. This Smoking Cessation Program is customized to include 4 recorded hypnotherapy sessions

This program includes: 

  • 2 sessions specifically to address smoking cessation.
  • 1 session to remove/releaseblocks to success.
  • 1 session to build confidence.
  • Two homework assignments
  • A BONUS meditation to celebrate your success in being a non-smoker.



You CAN feel fear as a form of concern or worry and still take a step of faith anyway.


Don't stay stuck in fear.  


This program was designed to help you connect with the feeling of COURAGE Right From The Start!



Here is where you make the choice.


Do you want to:


Forget Everything And Run  






Face Everything And Rise



Right now take a minute to connect to your Why. Your reasons that you WANT to quit. Connect with your courage and click the link to join The Wilkinson Effect Smoking Cessation Program and get on the path to being smoke free TODAY!


Click Here To Get FREE

Quit Smoking Tips



Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation Works!

"Hypnosis clients are twice as likely to remain smoke free after 2 years,than those who have tried to quit on their own. An article in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship (2005; 37:3, pages 245-250), have shown that there is a 90.6% success rate for smoking cessation using hypnotherapy. It has been shown in the results of more than 600 studies, including 72,000 people from America and Europe that on average hypnotherapy is over 3 times as effective as any nicotine replacement methods such as e-cigarettes, nicotine gum, and nicotine patches. Hypnosis for smoking cessation is over 15 times as effective as trying to quit smoking alone." (University of Iowa, Journal of Applied Psychology, How One in Five Give Up Smoking. October 1992.).





State Senate Bill SB577

California laws state that hypnotherapy is alternative or complimentary to healing arts services licensed by the state. I, Laura Wilkinson am not a licensed physician. These services I provide are not licensed by the state of California. This program is designed to support the desire to quit smoking. Any medical concerns with quitting smoking should be discussed with your licensed medical provider. Should you have medical concerns it is your sole responsibility to discuss them prior to your enrollment in The Wilkinson Effect Smoking Cessation Program. Upon enrolling in this program you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and acknowledge being aware of and agreeing with the privacy policy.






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