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Stress Management: Falling Apart To Fall Back Together




In this vlog Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt. discusses chronic stress. If you missed the vlog about Creating A Plan of Action to help you manage your stress, click this link to go back and read that one first. This is stressed to the point of; it is sooo stressful, it's sooo overwhelming, it's sooo overbearing, that you start to lose grip and you can't handle it anymore. Then you fall apart and that is an absolutely horrible place to be I know because I've been there several times and it's something that I don't want you to have to suffer through anymore. If you recognize these characteristics in yourself, pause for a minute and take a few comfortable deep breaths. Relax for a few minutes as we talk about this.

It is really important that you find a coach such as myself to work with through this because it can help you go from falling apart to falling back together. When you understand what that means and how to do it properly. 


As you're going through that process it's really important first to recognize that there is a process. Many people aren’t aware of that and they don't know what to do to get through feelings of feeling stuck, or disempowered like you have absolutely no control over what's going on. It can be really hard to move through that successfully without assistance from an expert. 


Another difficult aspect of that is having a fear of change. As you're going through this stress of not being able to handle your life, (feeling as if you're falling apart) that is life's way (your way) of telling yourself that all of these things going wrong in your life they're not working for you anymore. You need to make a change! The hard part is you don't always know where to go from there. You don't always realize that the message is for you is that something’s not working, ‘this needs to change’. 


If there's a specific kind of stress; like maybe its job stress or maybe you're closing in on a house with your escrow and you're going through real estate stress, there is an end to that to that stress. But if you don't feel like there's an end to that stress it can feel like it goes on forever it can feel completely out of control. You don't want to be stuck in that feeling of “I don't know what to do with this. I feel like I have no control over this.” 


You can work through these stresses so that you can recognize what's not working specifically:

What specifically do you need to have changed?

In what way that you need to have that change?


Really create that vision of what you want because there's a difference between the things that you're accepting and allowing and the things that you really want that, but perhaps maybe you're not accepting. That can definitely be fear of change! 


There is some comfort in the things that are uncomfortable because you know what to expect. With situations that are unknown, you don't know what to expect… it's kind of a subconscious trick that you have going on a lot of the times that can stop you from really moving forward.

It's important for you to recognize is that stress is a motivator. As you're falling apart you can use that as an opportunity to make your life even stronger, to build a stronger foundation for yourself especially within yourself because external stresses are often out of your control.  If you lack control within yourself, if you don't have that strength within yourself, you won't have that feeling of stability.


This is how you know that you’re progressing towards healing:


• As you're falling back together you are using your Stress Management tools very effectively, because you've already identified and are connecting with all of the people that support you in this healing. (If you haven’t yet downloaded the Stress Management Checklist & mini-workbook, I recommend that you do that now.)

• You understand that if you don't have those people immediately in your life physically, you understand how to be resourceful and find those types of people (Find a mentor). If they're not directly in your life may be there in videos/vlogs such as this one. 


Personally, I have found people that I have looked to as a mentor from videos on YouTube because I needed a coach when I didn't have a coach. At the time I didn't know that I didn't have a coach… or that I needed a coach. It is really helpful to find those types of people and to understand how to use different tools and resources to help you grow yourself. 


This is all about how to find resources which help support your healing and understanding how to use them. Having a holistic coach can help you move through this. On The Wilkinson Effect website you will find free resources; including a new Masterclass on how to Become Resilient: How to bounce back after chronic stress and trauma


Certain things in life should not be self-navigated, healing your life from chronic stress & trauma requires processes & strategies. Some of these you may already know of, but you may not be using them correctly. I’m ready to help you with that.


If you’re ready to find out what’s been interfering with your ability to make a quicker recovery after being triggered, please sign up for this Masterclass it’s free. I will be live with you to answer any questions and help you progress to the next step. A replay will be available for those who cannot make the timeframe, so please sign up anyway so that you can still receive the playback link. I look forward to seeing you there and I wish you the best!

Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt.
Life Transformation Coach
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