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Stress Management: Creating A Plan Of Action



Stress Management Vlog: Creating A Plan of Action









Hi, this is Laura Wilkinson, Life Transformation Coach and Holistic Practitioner at The Wilkinson Effect.



In this vlog I'm going to talk to you about STRESS:

  • What it is.
  • How we experience it in our Mind and our Body.
  • What we can really do to prepare ourselves for during times of stress.



Everybody feels stressed at one time or another, so let's Dive Right In. So, stress is usually a pressure or tension that we feel either from within ourselves. This also really applies to people who are really seeking a lot of control in their life. Those who feel that feeling of perfection, and have expectations that everything has to be just perfect in order for them to do it.



That's like internal kind of stress, but the focus of this particular vlog is the external stressors that we feel. These stressors coms from things like:

  • Environmental stresses
  • Work/ home/ life pressures
  • School
  • Big changes that happen suddenly; loss of a job, loss of somebody that you care about in your life or suddenly having to move.


What I really want to talk about is how you experience those kinds of stressors and take them internally into your body. After a period of time, it comes really difficult for people to internally process the stress they are experiencing if they don't go through a process. Most people aren't prepared for stress. They don't have a plan of action. They just kind of take it moment to moment, and a lot of times that means that they fumble. That's a really bad plan! You don't want to just stumble around in your stress and try to figure things out as you go along. It's much more effective to know yourself, to know what kind of stress management is the most effective for you and what kind of stress management tools you can use in certain situations.



The point of stress is to move you! Stress can be a really great thing in helping you to motivate yourself if you allow it to. One of the problems that people face during times of stress is that they don't always see that aspect. They don't see the perspective of how stress can be good and how they can utilize that all of that energy of stress.



Stress really is like a big ball of energy that comes out you. If you don't understand how to remove that energy from being in that time of stress, to move it out of stress so that you can then be able to make the change that stress is telling them to change. Stress can put you in a state of fight or flight (meaning that you either have to fight your way through it or you have to run and get the heck out of there). Far too often people get stuck in a state stress and they don't know how to use it to move forward.



So... I'm going to be discussing different ways that you can move forward through stress. There are times to consider your stresses, times to sit down and actually work through your problems.Times when you need to work through your stressors and figure out what to do about it. Then there are times when you need to take a break. You cannot be moving forward all of the time in your stress.



You need to be able to pull out of it and take a break because if you're stuck in the energy of stress all the time, that can really start to break you down physically mentally and spiritually! You don't want that to happen because it can lead to burnout or life depletion as I as I call it. That's when you're feeling exhausted and drained from life. That's where you don't want to go. So it's really important to understand how to move through stress with as much function and capabilities as you can.



That means that you need to be surrounding yourself with the right type of people, not just anybody. Calling up the wrong people for support is a mistake that a lot of people unknowingly make. At the time of stress, your brain isn't always rational in its logical thinking. You may forget or not really have the presence to recall that everybody has something special about them. Everybody unique qualities that make them different than everybody else. That's not a bad thing, but we need to be able to recognize what those peoples gifts are.



If you go calling your friend and her gift is of listening but you're calling her seeking advice, that's probably not the best person to be calling for that type of support. This mistake can bring a lot of extra frustration when you're already feeling stressed out. You don't want to be damaging your relationships or bring on any more stress than you are already going through. It's really important to be able to identify the Five Types of Different People That You Want In Your Life when you're going through stress or personal transformation. Download this Free PDF Mini- Workbook to help you identify the different five people that you need in your life when you're going through a big transformation in your life (and that includes when you're going through stress.)






This updated version also comes with a checklist of Stress Management Tools. This is a really great way for you to identify what works for you specifically! Maybe you are a reader, maybe you're a writer, maybe you don't like to go swimming, or you don't like to go to the gym you prefer to work out in other ways...this is a pretty extensive list to help you sort through what works for you and what doesn't.



There are 55 different options on there to help you with Stress Management, including different kinds of therapies that you can also identify with and use. Make sure that you have downloaded this invaluable tool! Be prepared. This is about making a plan of action. This is about making sure that you're surrounded by the right people for support. You want to have already identified things that help you to de-stress, and decompress so that can to learn how to take off the pressure off to let go of some of that tension some of the time, when you're not moving towards the resolution.



Sometimes the obvious solutions are out of your hands and the answers focus more on practicing patience and faith. There may be times when you know your end to this stress will come eventually. Like when you're moving.. eventually you are going to move out, then you won't have that stress of you know buying a new house or finding a new rental. Those types of stresses have obvious ends to how long you will feel stressed out or burned out.



This is something that you want to ask yourself:


When is that stress going to be over?



If there is a presumed end to that stress, make a plan of how you're going to move through that stress so that you're not causing extra wear and tear on your body and on your mind. Set yourself up so that you can feel more certain that you have your head on straight, building and saving as much energy for yourself as possible.



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