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How Can I Change My Life?


If You've Been Through Life Crisis

And You're Wondering If Change Is Possible For You


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In this vlog Laura Wilkinson CLC CHt., Transformation Coach and Holistic Practitioner, gives some real talk about what it the process of transformation can look and feel like. She shares her own personal journey, talking about what she experiences and how resistance to change can show up even when you REALLY want it.


Transformation can look very different from an outsiders perspective. In fact, it can look like you're falling apart. Falling apart is not neccesarily a bad thing, if you know how to do it the right away. Remember this: "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." You have to learn how to be okay with letting go to make room for better things to come along. This is a process.


If you're asking yourself "How can I change my life?', I hope this message inspires you to keep growing through your life transformation even when it feels like your fears are bigger than your vision.


During my road trip from California to Washington I used Rescue Remedy Plus to help me stay relaxed during the times my anxiety and tension levels were too uncomfortable. Rescue Remedy Plus is a flower essence combination remedy that also has B vitamins to replenish your energy that gets easily depleted from stress. You can find Bach Flower Essence remedies (including Rescue Remedy) at most natural health food stores. 


Flower essences contain the etheric imprint of the flowers in the water, without having the actual plant in the essence. It is on the energetic level of vibration that the healing qualities of the flowers are taken into your body bringing harmony to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states.


To help you learn how to select and use flower essences I've created the Comprehensive Guide to Flower Essences for Personal Development


This amazing workbook contains: 

  • A 6 Step Protocol on how to use and select flower essences
  • 7 days worth of flower essence journal templates to print and record your transformation.
  • A chart showing 30 different flower essences that are highly beneficial to people who are wanting Personal Development.  
  • Resources that make it easy for you to order flower essences. Take the guess work out of how to self-assess.


The chart includes Flower Essences such as:

  • Mountain Mahogany which assists in bringing you to the next stage of your transformation.
  • Centaury for people who are so loving and giving that they have difficulty saying “no” to others. Neglecting their own self-care.
  • Fulfilling Your Divine Mission (A flower remedy) which assists bring you to your full potential by recognizing the truth of your divine mission in life.
  • Plus a chart total of 30 flower remedies to assist you in healing your relationships, create boundaries, re-aligning spiritually and more.


If you want to learn more about what flower essences are, how to select and use them, the Flower Essence Workbook is for you. Click on the link to learn more information about the benefits of flower essences.


To help you see your path to transformation with more clarity, I've outlined below 5 Steps to Changing Your Life. 



5 Steps to Changing Your Life


1. Create self-awareness to recognize how your subconscious is trying to protect you from perceived threats (self-growth). 

2. Be Brave. Courage isn't a lack of fear. It's feeling the fear and doing it anyway! You Can Change Your Life. You Can!  


3. Recognize your resistance to change. What is your resistance to change telling you about your fears? What are your excuses? Dig deeper to get to the heart of it. 


4. Surrounding yourself with the support that you need to help you grow through each phase of transformation is vital to your success. Friends, family, mentors. Don't have it? Find it! You are resourceful.


5. Use it. Implementing your tools is what will help you achieve success. Do you meditate? Do you use aromatherapy? Do you go on mindful walks? You know go do it!


Set yourself up for success by learning How to Prepare for a Life Transformation.

Click on the link and I'll show you how to set yourself up to successfully Change Your Life.



Bon Voyage,

Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt.

Life Transformation Coach

Holistic Practitioner





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