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Beginning The Healing Journey

When it comes to transforming your life and becoming a better version of yourself, this isn’t one of those things in life that you should attempt to do yourself. Healing isn’t a DIY adventure and trying to do it by yourself is a BIG mistake that comes at a high price of unnecessary sacrifice of your time and happiness.


If you are feeling stressed out and experiencing burnout/ nervous breakdown/ mental breakdown/ Dark Night of the Soul.. this is a critical time in your life when you come to the crossroads and you are faced with possibly the most difficult decisions of your life. You may be asking yourself “Where do I go from here?”, “What am I supposed to do with this?!” or “Who am I without (fill in the blank /whatever you have lost)?” 


While talk therapy with a licensed counselor can be incredibly valuable, it doesn’t always provide you with the roadmap that is necessary to guide you through the process of re-inventing yourself and creating lasting change your life. Counselors are just one of the five people that I recommend you have on your healing journey. 


Making a commitment to change your life is a HUGE deal and transformation is not a straight path, it’s a journey with valley and mountains, blocks and detours, twists and turns. In fact, your life up to this point has conditioned you to stay within certain limitations that the subconscious part of your mind considers to be ‘safe enough’. Through this life conditioning you have in some way, shape or form become accustomed to the outcomes that you have received thus far. In order to reach new conclusions in your life you absolutely have to find and apply additional resources from outside of yourself.


Consider all of the books and movies that you’ve seen, every big quest requires a team of people to help the mission be a success. No one person possesses every quality needed to achieve the end goal, not even the hero. We need to be part of a community.


Your healing team should be made up of at least 5 people that contribute to your progress in different supportive ways. Each of these people have specific jobs that they instinctively do. A common mistake for people who are going through difficult times is that they call upon the wrong people for the wrong job. Even well-meaning friends or family members can throw you off track if you make the mistake of coming to them for an assignment that they aren’t well suited for.


How many times have you called a friend to talk about something and instead of simply listening to you, they tell you everything that you did wrong and then proceed to instruct you on what you should be doing instead? (You know who this person is ... “The Know It All”).


There are 3 common mistakes that you probably made, but don't worry yourself over it anymore because it's easy to take note and create a plan so that you don't repeat these mistakes again causing yourself unnecessary stress. 


      1. First off you didn’t check in with yourself to see what you needed before you made the call.


     2. Second, you didn’t make sure that this was indeed the person who is able to offer you the support that you need.


    3.  The third mistake is that you very likely didn’t tell this person that you were on a journey and that you will be seeking help from them for this specific purpose.



As soon as you commit to making change in your life, it’s important to be able to identify each of your companions and understand the roles they will be contributing to.  It’s so very  important to let them know that you are on this journey and ask them if they are willing to participate. Inform them of the role that you would like them to participate in. Don’t make the mistake of calling upon someone who has no idea of what you are going through or have a clear understanding of what it is that you need from them right now!  



If there is a time and space for drawing a line in the sand to take a stand for yourself and what you want to stand for, this is it!



By taking a mental step back you can gain a better perspective, this will help you figure out your boundaries and have a clearer understanding of your expectations from the start. You have to set the stage for your success. Setting yourself up for success prepares you for the changes that you need to make in your life. It brings a sense of security and helps calm your primal instincts of fight or flight, knowing that you have the support in place before you need to call upon it. Don’t just wait for things to unfold, this is your chance to learn how to create the life that you want. This is your chance at starting over.





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Blessings to you on your journey.

Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt.

Mind-Body Practitioner

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