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12 Signs That It's Time For A Change In Your Life


Are you missing the signs that are signaling to you that it’s time for you to make some changes in your life? You’re probably dismissing them because a lot of the time they are uncomfortable. You may even recognize some of these signs as Dark Night of the Soul. 


  1. You feel restless. When you feel restless it’s because you’re not going with the flow of life, you’ve stopped the flow. It comes as a feeling of being stagnant. You feel like you’re supposed to be doing something but you’re not doing it. It feels stuck. You’re not moving forward but you can’t stay where you are.


  1. You are searching for a deeper meaning to things in your life. Face value is no longer appealing to you and you long for real connection with people and with life in general. You might be asking yourself: “What does all of this craziness mean?”


  1. You feel yourself struggling to survive in the material world. This is a sign that you’ve either outgrown your space or you need to dive into healing to clear whatever is blocking you from being able to allow money, safety or security.


  1. You no longer feel an attachment to things. Letting go starts becoming easier. You might be clearing out things in your home. You might be doing a lot of emotional or spiritual practices like cord cutting, letting go of people or events that you don’t want to hold onto anymore.


  1. You feel frustrated or bored with your routine. Routines are fantastic in helping us stay efficient and effective in our tasks! They give us a sense of security and can really help us create our life with intention. Morning and evening routines can be a really beautiful way to begin and end your day. They help you set the pace in your life…however there are 7 Levels of Change and we can’t simply stop our growth with effectiveness and efficiency, we have to leave room for improvement and adapting as well.


  1. You might start beginning to recognize that happiness comes from within. The pursuit of happiness is an emotional and spiritual journey. As you search for deeper meaning and become less attached to the things in your life, you will notice that your joy is coming from within. Joy is always within you, although sometimes it gets layered by negative impressions from life, people, or misunderstandings from when you lose a good perspective.


  1. You experience tests of personal or financial hardships. OUCH!! This is often a sign of resistance or deeper inner work that is calling out to be healed. If it's left unresolved for too long it’s like a wound that starts showing signs of infection. When you begin to arrive at the next phase of your personal development you may notice things that feel like the universe is testing you. Or you are co-creating these tests for yourself. The tests often feel painful and are cries from your inner self that you need to be active in healing some aspect of your life.  


  1. You might notice that you start having aversions to certain types of foods. The heavy, dense foods are insatiable. They feel low in vibration and you notice how you feel after you eat them…sluggish physically and mentally. 


  1. You question your sanity. This is pretty self-explanatory and I know that you know exactly what it means….you’re probably nodding your head right now aren’t you??


  1. You question your path. “Am I doing the right thing?” “What am I supposed to do?” “I want to do __________ but this is really scary. What do I do?”


  1. You question and begin refining your belief systems. This is when you start assessing your personal values and realigning yourself with your beliefs. You are stretching and developing on a spiritual level.


  1. You hit a career crisis. This one can also be tied to #7 when you experience personal and financial hardship. Hitting a career crisis can come when you’ve hit a wall with your personal development or you’ve discovered that your values have changed and you want more. You deserve better. A career crisis can sometimes feel like a toddler is throwing a fit inside of your soul…when that happens you know that you’ve reached the end of your rope and this has been put off for too long. Heal it. Find a coach to help you examine your values and realign you with a career or new job position that feels better to be in.


Most resistance to change happens on an emotional level and not on a rational level. You can’t rationalize something that hasn’t happened yet because the outcome is still unknown and is therefore based on an assumption (usually not positive assumption otherwise you won't be feeling this resistance). The real culprit behind resistance to change is fear. Examine your resistance to change by getting to the root cause of what you feel the perceived dangers are to change. Reframe your negative thoughts of the "what ifs", release the negative emotional associations that you have to change and start setting yourself up for success. Find the flow that feels good and it will start carrying you in a better direction.


To face FEAR you have two options:


It's always up to you to decide. Are you ready to heal this? The best way to start your new journey of healing is to set this as your intention. You need to prepare your mind, body, and spirit to gracefully allow change. The Mind, Body, Spirit Alignment video/audio set was created to help you transition yourself into a space of readiness where you can begin to let go of the things that are holding you back and presenting as obstacles in your path. This set helps you gain a much better perspective of where you are and where you want to be, as you begin to release hesitation and doubt that are fear in disguise. Let's heal this!


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Your Life is your journey!


Bon Voyage,

Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt.

Transformation Life Coach

Holistic Practitioner




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