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Principles of Energy Medicine

Recently I've noticed a lot of uncertainty and resistance in people's responses when I mention energy medicine. Whether the subject is flower essences, homeopathy or using essential oils a lot of people automatically reject such a notion that healing might be possible with such simple and natural substance.
Yes, I used the words uncertainty and resistance. It's not uncommon for me to hear people make comments such as "I don't really believe in energy medicine". What I find most interesting is that these types of statements stem from personal opinion. These statements aren't based off of case studies or empirical evidence. Most of the people that are engaged in conversations which involve the words "I don't really believe in energy medicine" don't really know anything about the concept.  They haven't read any success stories or taken the time to research how long these practices have actually even been around. 
Energy medicine is new right?!   Wrong. 
The use of essential oils has been around since before the days of Ancient Egypt, over 7000 years ago. Cultures such as Ancient Greek, Romans, Chinese, Indian and Native American Indigenous people have used aromatherapy for a variety of healing practices and rituals for physical, mental and spiritual purposes. 
Homeopathy has over 200 years of provings. Samuel Hahneman, M.D. the founder of homeopathy recorded his studies of homeopathy in a book he wrote titled The Organon in 1805. The Organon has been updated 6 times and is a major reference book in homeopathy. Homeopathy today is the 3rd most common alternative medicine in the world. It is a popular practice in Great Britain where the royal family is treated by homeopaths. 
What do you know about the Law of Similars? The Law of Interference? The Law of Synchronicity? Hering's Law of Cure?
Dr. Edward Bach is known as the founder of flower essences. He studied medicine in London and researched immunology. After more than 20 years in his practice of orthodox medicine, he left his medical practice to further pursue his theory that physical symptoms of illness are expressions of negative emotional states. He believed that by addressing the underlying emotional state a more natural healing could occur. This took the focus off of merely the symptom of an illness and looked at the patient holistically. Through his findings with plants and their effects on the emotional state he developed flower essences. The remedies which Dr. Bach discovered are now referred to as Bach Flower Remedies. Although many practitioners have picked up where he left off and have discovered hundreds of other remedies with flower essences. My favorite flower essence distributor is FES Flowers, they are certified organic and bio-dynamic. There are many flower essence practitioners that participate in case studies as well as client testimonials on how flower essences have assisted their wellbeing. 
I don't take it personally when someone rejects the notion of energy healing or energy medicine. I don't have to live with the choices you make for your health and harmony. My interests are in educating people on how they might be able to experience a better quality of life. I have respect for modern medicine, it has saved many lives in critical situations. However, a "pill for every ill" has led to a nation of people experiencing side effects and suppression. For the people who are willing to at the very least explore other options for their wellbeing, I ask you this:
  • What is preventing you from taking a new approach to your health?
  • What ingredients are in the medications that you get from your pharmacy?
  • How do your medications work physiologically? 
  • What makes you certain that because a remedy is energy based it has no physical, emotional or mental effects? 
  • Where is your resistance coming from?
  • Wouldn't it be nice if you had more options?
Take a look at this example on a TED-Ed video by George Zaidan titled "How do Pain Relievers Work?" 
Have you ever question how your pain relievers work and what purpose they were actually serving? Why not? 
I hope that I have left you with some thought provoking questions. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to write them in the comment box below. 
Laura Wilkinson 
Ullman, Dana. Homeopathy A-Z. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House Inc. 1999. Print
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