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Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

The Wilkinson Effect
1. Q. -What is hypnosis?
    A.- Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that occurs between the waking and sleeping states. Other altered states occur daily; when driving on “auto pilot”, meditation, yoga, even while watching television.
2. Q.- What if I can't be hypnotized?
    A. - As long as you are willing to allow the natural process of hypnosis you will be able to be hypnotized.
3. Q.- What if I recall a traumatic life event?
    A.- During hypnotherapy sessions we take precautions, using certain techniques, when exploring areas of your life which may hold unpleasant memories. Your subconscious mind will only allow you to experience what it knows you are able to handle at the present time in your life.
4. Q.- I saw a stage hypnosis at the fair, it looked like some type of mind control. What is that about?
    A.- Stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes. The volunteers are selected according to how willing they are to entertain the crowd. The subconscious mind will not allow any suggestions that go against your morals or values.
5. Q.- What should I expect?
    A.-  Expect to be successful and be open to whatever shows up. People who are optimistic about allowing the process get the most benefit from hypnotherapy.
6. Q.- What if I get stuck in hypnosis?
    A.- You are always in control and can wake from hypnosis at your own will. Some people are happy to stay in the relaxed state of hypnosis and aren't as eager to return to conscious reality.  When this happens, I simply use a firmer tone and count you back up for a second time.
7. Q.- Will I remember what happened during hypnosis?
    A.- It is possible that you do not remember everything during your session. Some people go into a hypno-sleep because of the level of relaxation that is reached. Your subconscious mind will take in any information that it is in agreement with, whether or not your conscious mind can recall it.
8. Q.- Is there a guarantee?




    A.-  Because the client is always in control of what suggestions they allow their subconscious to retain, the hypnotherapist cannot guarantee any outcomes. You are always in the position to either accept or reject any of the suggestions. In my practice, I form the hypnotic suggestions from the information I have been given from my client. Together we find a suggestion that is for their highest good and which they are ready to accept as their truth.
At The Wilkinson Effect, Laura integrates Transpersonal Hypnotherapy with Life Coaching, Holistic Nutrition, Reiki, Flower Essences, and Essential Oils into her practice. While her specialty is working with people who are experiencing chronic health conditions or post-traumatic stress disorder,Laura also has customizable programs for weight management and smoking cessation. 
Most people benefit best from having atleast 6-9 sessions. This allows time to assess and re-assess their personal transformation process. While blocks/resistance to wellness and happiness are eliminated, they are replaced with new habits and beliefs. Reinforcement and empowerment encourage momentum and are necessary in order to move forward on the path of transformation. The Wilkinson Effect does not just simply change a single habit or belief, it changes the experience of your life.
Visit now to schedule an appointment and begin to immediately experience a better quality of life which you deserve. 
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