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How to Be Balanced Using Auriculotherapy

 Auriculotherapy is reflexology of the ear. Meaning that just like your hands and feet, the ears contain nerve endings that connect with the rest of your body. To move the energy within your body, organ points can be stimulated by performing a gentle palpation, ear massage, applying specific essential oils to certain points, or by applying either gold or silver pellets which hold the acupressure point. 

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) has developed specific protocols to complement comprehensive recovery programs such as ones used for addictions, protocols for psychiatric healthcare training programs. I follow protocols very similar to the detox protocols of NADA, without using needs and instead using pellets, oils and palpation. To see how you can be balanced using auriculotherapy click play on the video below.

The way that I use Auriculotherapy with my clients is an acupressure practice, not an acupuncture practice, meaning that needles are not used.  I am not a licensed acupuncturist and I do not use needles in my auriculotherapy practice.  The protocols that I follow are used to help clients achieve life transformations such as quitting smoking (smoking cessation), aiding in weight management and re-balancing the chakras. 

Gold pellets are used to tonify. They are applied with the intention of increasing the energy to the areas of the body that correlates of the areas of the ear that they are applied to. Silver pellets are used to sedate, applied with the intention of calming down the energy of areas the body which correlate to the areas of the ear that they are applied to and which are either overactive or are desired to be less active.  

Try giving yourself a gentle ear rub as a nice way to help yourself relax. It can even help you achieve a level of deep relaxation just like you might have after receiving a massage. It's a gentle process, and I don't recommend using more pressure than feels comfortable.   

This is a great way to soothe your spiritual, emotional, mental and even physical stresses. 

Special Tip:   

As an Empath or Lightworker you might find that when you feel overstimulated or overexposes in your 6th sense/third eye/intuition and you would like to feel more calm and relaxed, you can remove your earrings for a couple of days which will help bring you back to feeling more balanced. 

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