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Healing Expectations Are A S.O.B.

Yesterday my mom had yet another surgery. She is taking her journey to yet another level, removing an obstacle to her healing.

It's been interesting for me to observe what is going on in myself as I witness my mom growing through her healing journey. There have been time when I've found myself wanting to take the wheel and call the shots for her. I've had to remind myself that it's not my journey, so I don't know what's best for her. She is the leading actress in the story of her life, I am her supporting actress.

There are several avenues of healing and they mean different things to different people. Get this: There is no one way to heal. There are several techniques. But the technique is simply the way in which love is transferred. 

Each of us have techniques which we feel more comfortable with. As healers it's not our job to try to manipulate the outcome of someone else's healing. Healing expectations are a S.O.B.

People know what they need to heal. Whether their symptoms are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Whether they are in denial or have come to accept it. On some level they know what they need. I remind myself of these things when it comes to witnessing the people that I love go through their journeys.

As healers and empaths I want to remind you of this too. Your friends, your family and your clients are the lead actors in the stories of their life. They call the shots. Your role is to be supportive. Teach them to love themselves and show them your loving support as they transform. Let go of your own expectations because they will only limit the love that you are able to give.


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