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Empaths, Have the Courage to Change


Today I was looking for inspiration and comfort from a book on my bookshelf. This is something that I often do. I sit in front of my bookshelf and allow my intuition guide me to the book that I need, then intuitively shuffle to the page I feel drawn to. There lies the message I need. Today my needs were met by The Circle by Laura Day. As luck would have it I already had the book cover flap marking a specific page. I opened the book to read:

" Life is full of choices. You are being presented with the very situations around you- as well as the precise issues inside you- that must be resolved in order for your New Reality to be completely realized. In the past, you may have met these situations with fear or even anger." 

This message came to me this morning as I was beginning to feel both fear and anger. It was exactly the 'in your face' message that I needed to hear. Tomorrow will be 7 days since my cousin Helen Sharp has gone missing. She is a single mother of two children and  multiple fur babies. 

The support that our family has received from friends and the community has been amazing. I am ever so grateful for every effort that people have made in reaching out to the news, sharing information via social media and making donations so that we can keep actively searching for Helen. Still, this morning I woke up and I felt angry. Disappointed, that I am not able to do more to help the search. Fearful for the safety of my cousin and sad for her two children and mother. 

I knew that I needed to shift my energy back into a positive flow so that I could keep giving it my all. In the past these emotions would have swallowed me up. Devistation would have consumed my hope of a positive outcome. As an Empath I am like a sponge, absorbing the energy that I feel from other people. I've learned to cleanse and clear myself of energies that are not mine. To do so I have to be fully present in the situation, this takes courage. 

I've spent days on the community Facebook Page "Bring Helen Home", helping keep everyone informed of any new information and helping to spread the story of Helen's disappearance. There are a LOT of emotions flying around on there. There were moments when I thought "I can't do this", emotionally and mentally.

Then I remembered that I had a choice. I had a choice to be angry and a choice to be fearful, I chose not to feel that way. Instead I decided to listen to what my emotions were telling me, acknowledge my feelings as they are and then let them go. Emotions are a tool to let us know whether we are on path or not. As with any tool once you are done using it, you set it aside until you need it again. 

"It is your decisions and not your conditions that determine your destiny."- Tony Robbins

In the times that challenge you most, can you have the courage to change?


In Love and Light,

Laura Wilkinson



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