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Dark Night of the Soul Demystified

Dark Night of the Soul is a term that is used in the spiritual community as well as in some religions. It's a period of darkness that people go through during the time when they are deepening their connection with God/Creator/Divine. Dark Night of the Soul often comes as someone begins to shift and transform their life. It can also be triggered by an event as someone begins to search for meaning. 

As a person begins to develop more and more self awareness and a deeper connection with spirit; they start to feel good, hopeful that they are having a fresh start in their life. Suddenly, their spirit feels that it has reached a safe point in their life to begin to purge out all of the previous crappy experiences they had gone through as a way to cleanse and really be free emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This process relates to Hering's Law of Cure. 

A lot of people can get stuck or lost in the Dark Night of the Soul simply because they aren't aware of what is happening to them. Just as someone who is doing a body cleanse/detox over a period of a few days to a full week, will begin to first feel awful as the toxins move through their system to be removed, before they start to feel lighter and more energetic. Imagine doing a detox and feeling the uncomfortable effects of your body detoxing, except that you have no clue that is what is happening to you. You just know you felt okay before, and now you are feeling crappy.

Unfortunately many people who feel stuck or lost go back to old habits of being miserable, creating bad circumstances. A lot of recovering addicts fall off the wagon. They follow the path of least resistance because they feel lost and alone. 

Dark Night of the Soul is the way that the spirit cleanses so that it can move forward, not just covering up old wounds or ignoring them as if they never happened. This is very important so that people can learn from the lessons of their past and begin to move forward in their life. Watch the video below for 3 tips to help you move through Dark Night of the Soul quickly and effectively.  




During this period of growth people tend to attract similar circumstances and experiences of things from their past. It's like a test. Will they make new choices and move forward in faith? Or will they react out of fear and keep making the same mistakes, get the same crappy results that had them feeling miserable in the past?

This is the time to apply all of the new skills and beliefs that have been acquired. 

Signs of Dark Night of the Soul can vary, depending on what your soul is trying to heal. The process is unique to each persons experience. Feelings may be similar to loneliness, anger, frustration, depression, lack of faith, nothing in life has any meaning, or it could feel numb.  

There are stages of transformation. Have you seen the movie or read the book "Eat, Pray, Love"? Of course you have :) . Do you remember the part in India when Richard from Texas tells Liz "If you want to reach the castle, you have to swim the moat." ?  

Well... welcome to the moat. Dark Night of the Soul is the moat, just before you reach the castle. Don't lose faith. Be more conscious than ever. Become fully present in the process; observe everything that you are feeling, the experiences that are returning, memories that are surfacing. Be objective, see it and release it. 


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