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Developing Self Awareness On A Challenging Day

Monday was an extremely rough day for me. The week prior; I had released my e-book Flower Essences for Lightworkers and Empaths, found out that one of my husband's closest friends had passed away unexpectedly and my 10 month old baby cut 2 more teeth (5 teeth within a few weeks!). Emotionally it was a bit of a rollercoaster and physically I was totally exhausted. Monday was a major fail. I broke down in tears 3 or 4 times that day and that was okay.

I have worked really hard to arrive at a level of self awareness so that I am able to quickly recognize my challenges and have the honesty with myself that it takes to get back on track.

Now even my fails aren't really fails. AND when I do have a challenging day it doesn't last long. I am equip with an awesome metaphorical toolbox ;)

11 years ago I had PTSD. After a lot of trial and error, and research I found what worked for me to re-program my brain. No small feat right?! I use to have bad years,so having a bad day is a HUGE improvement! Here's how to gain self-awareness when you are having an especially challenging day:


1. You have to be completely honest with yourself.

Do a total self evaluation to see the complete picture of what's really going on. How are you feeling physically? Emotionally? Mentally? Spiritually?



2. Be completely present with what you are feeling

What is your body telling you? What point are your emotions and thoughts trying to get across to you? Look for the underlying message. How connected are you spiritually? 


3. What do you need right now to move through this?

Sometimes you might need to cry. This is the soul's way of cleansing itself. Suppressed tears build up inside and express themselves in other ways to show you discomfort. This might come up as post nasal drip or the feeling of having a lump in your throat. If you need to have a good cry, then find a safe space to have a good cry. Watch a sad movie if you need to.

4. Express it and then move on. 

You don't have to linger or get yourself stuck in a cycle of feeling bad. Don't focus on the could've, should've, would'ves. Focus on one thing at a time. Your power is always in the present. What can you do right now that will get you moving in a desired direction of your life?

Essential Oils are a terrific way to promote healing. They stimulate the body on all levels, the results dependinon what essential oil you select to use. Rose and Lavender are some of my favorite essential oils to nurture myself with because they radiate love. Add 1-2 drops of either rose or lavender essential oil to ½ teaspoon of a carrier oil (Almond oil is particularly good) to create an anointing oil. Gently combine the essential oil with the carrier oil, then anoint yourself at your heart chakra (right in the middle of your breast bone) using a clockwise motion.

Sometimes moving on can be….. unfamiliar. There are practices that you can implement to help you get back to feeling good. The workbook that I created for you has a chart especially created for you that has Flower Essences for Lightworkers and Empaths, these are an excellent way to support yourself during challenging times and they are one of my first 'go to' tools. I will be introducing you to other proven techniques to help you re-program, in my upcoming blogs so make sure that you subscribe to The Wilkinson Effect so that you don't miss my posts!



Laura Wilkinson


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