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3 Ways to Practice Progressive Relaxation


This morning I experienced something really uncomfortable. I was sitting down at the table with my morning cup of coffee and then I let myself sink down into the chair. I let out a big tired sigh and then I sat in my body. My mind was completely present in the moment, and I felt everything in my body. 

It was very uncomfortable. My body was in agony from not getting enough rest and from holding my 10 month old baby for what seems like 2 weeks straight, comforting her fussiness as she cut her first set of teeth. My entire body hurt from my neck to my legs. 

As uncomfortable as it was, I knew I had to sit in my body and feel the tension. You have to feel it to heal it, right? ! AND it's super important to acknowledge when something isn't working, so that we can change our approach. 

Time to relax and practice progressive relaxation.  I had a lot of tension in my jaw, neck and shoulders from feeling overwhelmed so I decided to start my progressive relaxation from my head and then progress down to my feet, but depending on what YOU are experiencing, you may decide to approach it a different way.

I created a video that demonstrates 3 Ways to Practice Progressive Relaxation. Watch the video below to familiarize yourself with the process, then you can try all 3 ways to see what's most effective for you.

You might find that on some days you get better results practicing progressive relaxation one way, but on other days you benefit most from practicing with a different approach. I hope you enjoy this video and find it beneficial. If so make sure to "like" the video, then subscribe to my channel: The Wilkinson Effect.

Next on my morning list: Breakfast and stretching out with some Yoga! What's on your agenda for today?




*Disclaimer-   Laura Wilkinson is not a licensed physician and cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions.  The services she offers are alternative/complimentary healing arts and can be utilized while receiving medical treatments from a licensed provider. Laura offers her services as a way to help people gain a full spectrum in their wellness transformation.They are not licensed by the state of California.

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