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Using Time as a Healing Modality


The gift of time is possibly the most misunderstood and misused tool that we have. Typically in our day to day lives we rely on clocks and calendars to help us keep track of time. These are the most common ways to use time but they are also incredibly limited.  Many people are unaware of how easily we can access infinite time (also known as elastic time) as a tool to heal our lives. 

I recently interviewed my friend Heidi Whitaker, Spiritual DNA Expert at We go into great depth about how to access infinite time and “time travel”, not as you imagine they do in sci-fi movies but time travel as in sending distance healing over the span of space and time. We discussed a few different ways that time can be used as a healing modality. Play the video below to listen to the interview.

Right now you might be thinking “Whoa!! Um what the heck is she talking about?”, but you are probably a lot more experienced with this concept than you think that you are. In fact, you do experience time traveling in elastic time, you probably just don’t know that you are doing it. But, once you learn how to access elastic time (infinite time) the healing possibilities are truly limitless.  

Two excellent examples of healing techniques which allow you to easily access infinite time are Ho’oponopono and Reiki (an energetic healing method). There are of course other healing techniques which allow the same and some you may even see in a new light once you consider how they allow you to time travel. Hypnotherapy offers a type of therapy called regression, which allows you to travel back through time in your subconscious mind to heal yourself of incidences, conflicts in your relationships, or subconscious beliefs that continually sabotage your efforts as you work towards your goals. With hypnosis and meditation you can also project your mind into a future scenario of your creation or you can travel to a place that you made up in your own mind.

If you are thinking that this sounds way too complicated for you to practice. I assure you that this is something that you are already accessing, you just aren’t aware that you are doing it. Consider the term “spacing out”. I’m pretty sure that you have experienced “spacing out” before. When you experience spacing out you are not in the present time, you are in infinite time. You might be day dreaming about a past experience, or you could be projecting yourself into a future scenario (one of many possibilities). Spacing out or day dreaming is another level of falls into the category of altered states of consciousness, which is very similar to the state that most people experience during a healing Reiki session.

There is a big difference between day dreaming and the conscious state that someone experiences during a Reiki session and that is because of the intention. When you set the intention of having a healing session you are setting that goal consciously and then accessing it also with your subconscious mind. Intention is the key. When you space out and experience day dreaming you experience it without realizing what just happened. Usually you become suddenly aware that you started day dreaming and then you snap yourself back to the present moment by re-anchoring yourself with the things that are happening within yourself and in your surroundings. 

To really wrap your mind around these concepts, listen to the interview that I did with my friend Heidi Whitaker and then go visit her website Heidi has gone above and beyond to provide you with amazing tips and resources on her website to help you make better use of your time!


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