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Disease Awareness

Today I cut my vision board in half. It was about 2 weeks ago when I was looking at my vision board and envisioning the life that I want to create for myself that I realized, I am no longer in alignment with a good portion of my vision board.I wasn’t quite sure how to feel about that, so I sat with the notion of cutting my vision board for about 2 weeks before

I did it. I created this specific vision board over 2 years ago, so a lot has changed since then. I’ve had another baby and I’ve gained more clarity in what I want for myself and my family. I knew that it was important to get rid of the visions that I no longer carry, because if I am not in agreement with half of my vision board then it’s sending a conflicting message to the universe. You can’t say that you want something while also saying that you don’t want it. The message needs to be clear if you expect the universe to respond on a level that will allow the outcome of your desired results. 

A vision board is an anchor. It puts emotional weight on the things that you desire to manifest into your life, helping you to feel the emotions that are expressed as you see the things that you want. As your mind processes seeing and feeling these desires it responds as if these things are in actual physical existence for you. This leads to physical manifestation. So your vision and your message have to be clear. You cannot state what you don’t want, while expecting what you want to manifest.

The same laws apply to the stories that you tell about your life. Your story might not be posted as a vision board on your wall, but it’s still anchored as an emotional attachment. Your words are aligned with the vision and emotions that you hold for your story. 

As many people are aware, October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I cringe nearly every month as someone on social media points out whatever monthly disease we are bringing awareness to. Disease is such a personal thing. People have so much emotions tied to disease and their triumphs, their fights, as well as sadness tied to the people that they have lost to a disease. Disease is an anchor. It’s an emotional tether that confirms a story about health and wellness. As much as people want to celebrate triumph and awareness, the message is lost in the delivery.

You can still be awesome, triumphant, brave, and thrive in life without your story of fighting or overcoming disease. Awareness of disease only leads to more disease. The message that needs to be shared is wellness. When the message is wellness the cycle is broken. The anchor becomes an emotional and mental tether of being happy, being healthy and being whole. Louise Hay has a terrific book "You Can Heal Your Life" that is a terrific introduction to overcoming illness and being a self healer.

If you are feeling resistance to this message, know that I understand and that I love you. Dis-attachment from things that hold such personal weight can feel uncomfortable. But what if you were to let go of that story of disease and still be awesome? What would your new health story be? How would that feel? 

Right now I want you to imagine that your story is a bunch of balloons that are tied on different colored ribbons. Pretend that you are holding these balloons in your hand, watching them float above your head. Feel the bouyancy of the balloons as they bounce off of each other, the gas inside of them naturally causing the balloons to rise. You let them go.You know that it's natures yearning for you to release these balloons and it's a beautiful sight to see them floating off into the atmosphere.  Now your hand is free to grasp whatever new opportunities can benefit you in your new story. Blessings to you in your new adventure.


Love and Light,

Laura Wilkinson


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