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While I would love to personally deliver to you the tools and resources that will help you grow and rediscover yourself, sometimes that means referring you to another expert who already has exactly what you need. I've spent the past year and a half creating and developing the Empath Mastery course with all of the amazing transformation it brings to Empaths! Yay!! While I have been busy with that, Stephan Pylarinos has been working to develop a program that will help you change your life by changing your morning routine with Morning Ritual Mastery. His work is amazing and you can find a ton of his videos on YouTube

This isn't some weird gimmick to trick you into waking up earlier. My mission is to help you master your life!

Practically every successful person you’ve ever heard of, from celebrities, athletes, politicians and entrepreneurs, all have this one key thing in common:

An Empowering Morning Ritual.

Mick Jagger does it...
Oprah Winfrey does it...
Arnold Schwarzenegger does it...
Sir Richard Branson, Benjamin Franklin, Arianna Huffington, Bill Gates all do it.


Because it works!

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When you wake up in the morning your subconscious mind has you on "auto mode". It's pretty likely that you already have a morning routine but it's one that you kind of just made up as you went along. There are probably other things that you would like to do before you start the rest of your day but they only go as far as good intentions. A good intention without any action taking is a stuck idea. And as my husband likes to say "Good intentions paved the road to hell". As in, you are probably well meaning but you're also miserable because you didn't lay out a well thought out path. 


I am one of those types of people that is not a "morning person" :) . As a mom of 3 young children, I am STILL not getting a full nights rest. It's happened before. If I don't sit down and set my intentions for the day, I can easily spiral into a day that feels unaccomplished. A day where I don't get the things done that I really need to get done. A day where I accomplish everything that wasn't on my list. A day where I can't find my groove and I fail to remember that even when days are unpredictable and don't always go as planned, Life is Still Good. 


Creating some time for myself to get my head on straight and open my heart to infinite possibility makes a complete difference in how I experience even the most challenging days. Because I'm not thinking 'OMG! What now?!' 


Having an inspiring morning routine is necessary to your success! It's necessary to my success. Otherwise the day will somehow slip by and I will not have made the time to:  

  • Meditate (or sit in quiet)
  • Exercise
  • Read
  • Set my daily intention


I'm making BIG life transformations happen over the course of the next year. I am not waiting for the NEW YEAR and you shouldn't either! Our time is precious. So I want to invite you to join me in taking some steps toward change over the next few months. 


Step One starts NOW with a new morning routine. Click on the Morning Ritual Mastery if you want to join me in creating morning rituals that will set us up for success. Look for my hashtags on Instagram #MorningRitualMastery!


Step Two will be Mapping it Out. Hint hint... ;)


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