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5 Ways to Live Lighter


I recently had an epiphany. You know, one of those really big ones that suddenly change everything. It was an 'ah ha!' moment that I have been waiting to receive for a very long time. It wasn't that I wasn't capable of getting to this moment of clarity much much sooner. It was that I hadn't been asking myself the right question, which would bring me to arrive at the answer. I was riddled with finding an answer to a problem that really didn't exist. Perspective is everything people!

Do you get that? When we are thinking, we are looking for answers. is the quality of the questions we are asking ourselves, that ultimately form a quality answer which will help us move forward productively.

Often we suffer from brain chatter. Repetitive thoughts just cycle annoyingly, causing unproductive stress and answers which bring us no actions to take that will change our reality. Imagine a stationary bicycle, like the ones in spin classes at the gym. Imagine sitting on the stationary bicycle and spinning and spinning and spinning. Yes, the wheels are turning very quickly. Yes, you are burning a lot of calories. But are you going anywhere? No. You are still exactly in the same place as where you started. 

This example is like your brain chatter. You aren't actually thinking. Your brain is just being busy. Brain chatter doesn't bring helpful conclusions or different results. Many times your brain chatter will actually propel you into a negative state of feeling helplessness, frustration or even anger. Don't be a victim of brain chatter! Your thinking is probably only off by a few degrees. 

I found a new sense of freedom that day. Nothing crazy or profound occurred in my external world. I was able to shift the focus of my thoughts and it brought a huge emotional relief. My mental and emotional burdens were lightened. 

"The tiniest changes bring massive results" - Tony Robbins. 

It wasn't just my emotional and mental states that felt relief though. My body felt lighter and more relaxed. My reality was completely different. Suddenly things started falling into place effortlessly. 

This is the kind of self awareness that we have to continually practice in our lives. I was inspired by what I witnessed in myself with this. As we all go through life we will experience many challenges because that is how we grow. But occasionally we loose perspective and don't ask ourselves the right questions. We carry challenges as burdens that weigh us down and can leave negative unproductive results in our lives.

I have created a 4 week internet based life coaching program that will help you Live Lighter! It contains 4 exercises that will help you; balance your life, lower your stress, maintain positive perspectives, find clarity in past mistakes and learn to live a life filled with joy. Do what you love and let the rest help you grow! 

I'm offering pre-sale enrollment fee of $260. Registration closes at 10 am on May 25, 2015. The course will begin on May 25. On May 25 a password will be e-mailed to you for course access. I do expect the course to sell out early, so be sure to enroll today. You can find a link for Live Lighter! in my Products and Services or you can use the PayPal button below. 

           Live Lighter!


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