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Flower Essence Remedy FAQs for Lightworkers & Empaths

  • What are flower essences?

          Flower essences are like very light sun teas which are made using flower petals in an glass container. The energy of the flower is infused into the water which creates an energy medicine. The flowers are taken out of the water, the water is preserved with either brandy, apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin.


  • How do flower essences work?

          Flower essences have the etheric imprint of the flowers in the water, without having the actual plant in the essence. It is on the energetic level of vibration that the healing qualities of the flowers are taken into your body to bring harmony to your emotional state.

  • Do they have a fragrance or taste?

          No, they do not.  Flower essences are the energy of the flower and the original substance itself, they have no fragrance or taste besides what is used as a preservative.

  • How are they administered?

          The drops can be taken directly under the tongue as instructed on the bottle or by a flower essence practitioner. They may also be dropped into a glass of water which can be drank, or they can be applied directly to the body using a spray bottle and misting your body or rubbing a few drops onto your skin. Some people might choose to put a few drops  into their bath. * If you have a sensitivity to alcohol, you may choose to use a flower essence that is preserved in either apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin. If that is not an option for the flower remedy which is indicated for your needs, you may put the correct dosage into a glass of hot tea which will evaporate the alcohol.  **It is important to not let the dropper come into contact with your mouth in order to keep from contaminating the flower essence and disrupting its pure energy.

  • What if I have allergies?

           Because flower essences are energy medicine, contain only  minute amounts of the plant and are not made with organic plant matter there is nothing other than the preservative that might cause an allergic reaction. If you have a sensitivity to alcohol refer back to the question about how to administer the flower essence. 


  • Do they have side effects?

          No. They can also be used safely with other medications. They do not interfere with allopathic drugs, other energy medicines or special diets.


  • Who can use flower essences?
                Newborns, children, adults, pets and even plants can use flower essences. Ask a flower  essence provider or practitioner for how to safely administer the essences.


  • How long will it take to see results from taking the flower essence?
                As everyone is unique the time it takes to notice a response from a flower essence depends on the individual taking it. For some people, they might begin to notice a difference pretty immediately within a few days, for other people it may be more of a subtle shift in their energy and it may take as long as a few weeks to notice. These energies can work very subtly until   some days later you have an Ah ha! moment and realize that your emotions have shifted recently and you only just noticed it. Journaling is an important part of noting your journey  with flower essences. It allows for reflection from the state you started in and may show the   transition of the shift that takes place.
  • How do I store my flower essences?
                Keep your flower essences in a dark place and out of proximity of any essential oils which might evaporate and fragrance your flower essences. Unless you are intentionally combining   essential oils with flower essences, the energetic properties of your flower essences will be changed.


  • How many different flower essences are there?
                There are several reputable companies which have single flower essences, as well as combination flower essences. If you were to consider all of the different types of flowers and different ways to combine them there would be hundreds of flower essences options.
  • How do I know which flower essences to take?
     You can work with a flower essence practitioner, or do your own research to compare which flower essences are indicated for certain patterns of imbalance. Some people are able to intuitively select which flower essences they need, while other prefer to use muscle testing.

Imagine a life with emotional boundaries. Imagine what it’s like to have healthy relationships with clients, family and friends.  After recognizing the positive impact these practices had on my life, I felt compelled to share them with others who might still be struggling to see the gift of being a Lightworker and an Empath. Flower Essences are a gentle bridge between being a sponge absorbing other people’s energy, and being a healer; doing heart centered work, changing people’s lives for the better and feeling blessed for being a channel of healing. Isn’t that the vision you’ve had for yourself?

To help you bridge the gap of where you are to where you truly want to be I created the Flower Essence Workbook for Lightworkers and Empaths as a PDF download for easy access.This amazing workbook contains: a 6 Step Protocol on how to use and select flower essences, 7 days worth of flower essence journal templates to print and record your progress, a chart showing 27 different flower essences that are highly beneficial to Lightworkers and Empaths. Also included are resources making it easy to order flower essences. Take the guess work out of how to self-assess for common challenges of being a Lightworker & Empath.

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