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Flower Essence Natural Remedies for People Experiencing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Selecting a flower essence remedy should always be based off identifying the biggest challenge you are facing. There are literally hundreds of flower essence remedies to choose from, so it's important to look into the specifics of what you are experiencing and finding a remedy that describes it is indicated for the same. This list is in no way exclusive to the variety of flower essence remedies that can be of great use to people who are experiencing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). As PTSD is experienced by people from many different walks of life, I am making this list to be general. If you suffer from chronic stress I highly recommend that you read the blog articles Stress Management: Creating A Plan of Action and Stress Management: Falling Apart to Fall Back Together. It's important that you download the free materials so that you can start creating your own effective stress management plan. 

During private sessions with my clients I do an intake so that I can better recommend a flower essence remedy that is specific to their immediate needs. Flower essence remedies can also be beneficial very for friends and family members of people experiencing PTSD. For example: when remedies such as Impatiens are taken by a military member that is experiencing PTSD and their spouse it may help them be more patient with each other as they both experience healing and understanding together. 

It is suggested that flower remedies are taken one at a time during the cycle of time it is needed. This is because as one layer of a challenge is addressed and fades away, another may come to the surface to be addressed next. Other times, while there may be several challenges that appear to be immediate, addressing the largest one will have an effect that causes other challenges to fade. 

When selecting a flower essence company to purchase their product make sure the company has integrity. Flower essences are an energy medicine which means the more pure the energy, the better it works. Both Bach and Flower Essence Services (FES) brands can be found in many natural food stores. They can also be ordered online, click the brand names above and it will take you to the link. I am personally partial to FES because they are organic, bio-dynamic and grow in a region that is somewhat close to where I live. FES can also be purchased in smaller sized bottles which might be more affordable for some people, although flower essences generally are very affordable, costing about $20 in stores for the Bach brand and somewhere around $12 for FES for a single remedy.

Flower Essence Remedies for people experiencing PTSD

California Valerian- Indicated for people who are addicted or often take tranquilizing type medications. Best used by people who experience a shortness of breath when anxious. Helps to create a calm feeling without the fogginess of sedation. 

Cherry Plum- Indicated for people who have a fear of losing control or times when you feel like you are having a breakdown. Beneficial for people who experience panic attacks. 

Oregon Grape- Indicated for people who have negative expectations of others. These people often feel defensive and exhibit defensive and/or paranoid behaviors with others. They tend to keep their guard up. 

Pussy Paws- Indicated for people who fear touch. Beneficial to those who have experienced violence or violations which have resulted in their withdrawal from being comfortable with receiving physical contact from others. 

Rock Rose- Beneficial for panic attacks. Especially indicated for panic attacks which cause an extreme fear of death and feeling of terror or doom.

Star of Bethlehem- Indicated for people experiencing past or current trauma. Excellent also when paired with other remedies as a combination remedy.

Sweet Chestnut- Indicated for people experiencing "Dark night of the soul". When life no longer makes sense to you, feels meaningless, and you feel incredibly alone no matter how many people are around and supportive of you. 

Rescue Remedy (Bach) or Five Flower Formula Remedy (FES)- Combination remedies that are used for immediate need to calm down and be "rescued" from panic, anxiety or situations of high stress. Rescue Remedy comes in a variety of forms and is great to keep on hand in the vehicle, at work, at home, or in your purse/bag. These remedies include Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem flower essences. 

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