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Find the Courage to Speak Your Truth


When I was training to become a hypnotherapist I was suddenly overwhelmed by this little voice inside of my head that kept shushing me. It told me that I had no right to use my voice to help other people. It told me that I was not a hypnotherapist and never would be because that was out of my reach. How dare I have such a wild imagination to think that I could use my voice to stand out. Standing out was dangerous. 

I remember in great detail the feeling of the very large lump in my throat that was trying to hold back my words. I remember suddenly getting hoarse even though I wasn't sick. I remember my heart saying "I really really want to do this!", but my head was saying "No. That isn't safe". 

I had to fight for what I wanted. Brick by brick I had to tear down all of the beliefs that held me back from achieving what I wanted to but before I could do that I had to understand my fears. Fear is a friend. Fear is there for a purpose that is meant to protect. There have been several times in my life where it wasn't safe for me to speak up. It wasn't safe for me to stand out. So I internalized that belief that it wasn't safe to speak my truth. But as that time in my life passed and my situation changed that tiny little belief stayed unnecessarily deeply planted within my spirit. To pull it out gently I had to utilize a few tools including flower essences.

Here is a list of Flower Essences which assist YOU in speaking your TRUTH during your spiritual awakening and to help you to communicate in a healthy way.

  • Calendula Flower Essence brings warmness to conversation with other people. Calendula is recommended for people who tend to be argumentative or even verbally abusive. 

  • Larch Flower Essence helps you to re-build your confidence in communicating, helping you to find your voice and over come censoring yourself. Larch is available as a Bach Flower Remedy which can be found at most health food stores. 


  • Snapdragon Flower Essence (Imagine a snapdragon. Consider what this personality type might be like...snappy??) Snapdragon is a good remedy for people who have verbal aggression. There is a tendency to misdirect tension from other areas in your life which then come out as verbal hostility towards other people. This is also a great remedy for people who have jaw or mouth tension. 


  • Trumpet Vine Flower Essence brings more energy to your verbal expression. It is very beneficial to people who have speech development difficulties, including speech impediments. (Imagine one of those men with the horns they would blow before they made an announcement) 



A really accurate way to get in touch with the truth behind your fears is to confront them when you are tired. Either in the morning or at night when you are tired. Your conscious mind isn't fully present and you have easier access to your subconscious mind, which houses the deep beliefs that you have adapted. Both of these times are ideal for journaling. Write down your beliefs about speaking your truth and let it flow freely. Write without expectation and see what comes up. Write to me in the comment section to let me know how this exercise worked for you.



Laura Wilkinson 


If you are interested in using Flower Essences for further assistance in your spiritual awakening, you can purchase the Flower Essences for Empaths and Lightworkers Workbook which includes step by step instructions on how to select and use flower essences, journal templates and a chart of 27 flower essences that are beneficial to Empaths and Lightworkers as you learn to shield your energy, heal your past and transform your life. 

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