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6 Amazing Flower Essences That Aid in Deep Transformation

You need as much support as possible during your spiritual transformation! Breaking free from life patterns that have held you back from being your best self can be a lonely and frightening road. Equip yourself with all of the tools necessary for you to achieve your success!


11 years ago I suffered severe panic attacks which I had pretty frequently for about 5 years. Then I began learning some self taught techniques to help me cope and I began to re-wire my brain. My panic attacks became less intense and fewer and further between. But still if you have ever had a panic attack you know that they feel like you are dying and ones that last only minutes can feel like they are forever! They majorly suck. They are also pretty common for Lightworkers and Empaths because we have very active open upper chakras (more about that in another blog). 


My very first flower essence experience was about 6 years ago when I was using Bach Rescue Remedy ( a 'go to' flower essence combination that is wonderful for periods of high stress, which can be purchased at most health food stores). Seriously this flower essence remedy should be in your medicine cabinet or your purse/car because you never know when you need it. I bring it when I travel! 


Fast-forward to the present. Aside from Rescue Remedy I wasn't really familiar with flower essences, what they are or how they work. Then I took a professional course on flower essences during my studies as a mind-body practitioner. Part of my learning experience was to use flower essences that aid in transformation so that I could experience them first hand, so I selected 2 flower essences and I used them for 2 weeks each. The results were amazing! I wasn't just impressed at the outcome, I became passionate about using flower essences for transformation and healing.


Then I started using Rock Rose to help with my panic attacks. Which by this time were maybe only 1 every few months when my body was overtired. But even 1 panic attack to me is 1 too many. Rock Rose rocked my socks off! Seriously. I didn't have to wait 15-20 minutes for it to kick in like some medications do. I didn't feel groggy or sedated. I felt safe and calm within a few minutes. And the more frequently I took it, the less often I had panic attacks. Now I honestly can't remember the last time that I had one. How could I not feel so incredibly grateful for the healing of flower essences?! I love flower essences and I share about their healing qualities with everyone. 


6 Amazing Flower Essences That Aid in Deep Transformation


1) Explorers Gentian Flower Essence: Explorers Gentian  is for people who feel disconnected from their spiritual purpose. This flower essence helps to renew your soul's strength that has been drained from a crisis which felt as if it depleted your spirit. 


2) Glassy Hyacinth Flower Essence: Glassy Hyacinth is for people who have suffered deep trauma and emotional turmoil. They may feel unable to face the "shadow" aspects of humanity. Glassy Hyacinth paves the way for the soul to understand deep emotional trauma at a level that the emotional and mental plane's were unable to heal. 


3) Sweet Chestnut Flower Essence: Sweet Chestnut deeps spiritual faith for people who feel alone or abandoned as they are transforming through spiritual or life crisis. During those times many people feel as if no one understands what they are growing through, or perhaps they don't know how to relate to the people in their life anymore. Sweet Chestnut connects your spirit to remember that you are never alone.


4) Chestnut Bud Flower Essence: Chestnut Bud is for people who repeat the same life lessons but haven't yet been able to identify the patterns that keep them stuck. 


5) Willow Flower Essence: Willow is for people who will not sway in their beliefs and emotions. They may have blame other people for everything that has gone wrong and have become rigid with bitterness. Willow releases victim mentality and allows space for acceptance of the situation and forgiveness to begin.


6) Angelica Flower Essence: Angelica connects with the guidance and protection from spirit guides and angels. It is especially desired during deep transformation when you may feel alone and scared. 


This list is in no way comprehensive. If you aren't sure if one of these is supportive of your needs right now you can contact Laura Wilkinson for a consultation.


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