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Find the Courage to Speak Your Truth


When I was training to become a hypnotherapist I was suddenly overwhelmed by this little voice inside of my head that kept shushing me. It told me that I had no right to use my voice to help other people. It told me that I was not a hypnotherapist and never would be because that was out of…

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6 Amazing Flower Essences That Aid in Deep Transformation

You need as much support as possible during your spiritual transformation! Breaking free from life patterns that have held you back from being your best self can be a lonely and frightening road. Equip yourself with all of the tools necessary for you to achieve your success!


11 years a…

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Flower Essence Remedy FAQs for Lightworkers & Empaths

  • What are flower essences?

          Flower essences are like very light sun teas which are made using flower petals in an glass container. The energy of the flower is infused into the water which creates an energy medicine. The flowers are taken out of the water, the wa…

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Flower Essence Natural Remedies for People Experiencing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Selecting a flower essence remedy should always be based off identifying the biggest challenge you are facing. There are literally hundreds of flower essence remedies to choose from, so it's important to look into the specifics of what you are experiencing and finding a remedy that describes it …

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