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10 Tips on Healing your Spirit with Lavender

For Empaths and Lightworkers who are experiencing a healing crisis or spiritual awakening, Lavender is the mother essential oil that will nurture your heart center and help open your upper chakras to connect with universal loving energy. When using essential oils for spiritual purposes there are a slightly different set of rules. Use this list to help guide you to the healing direction that you are looking for.


1. Buy organic lavender products. Avoid introducing pollutants to your body. Use purity to bring about purity!


2. Clear your energetic field by smearing a few drops of Lavender essential oil down the arch of the foot.


3. Balance energetic field by gently massaging a few drops of Lavender essential oil on the outer left ear.  


4. Lavender resonates especially well with the heart chakra, which also holds LOVE related emotions such as Forgiveness and Compassion


5. Brings Harmony when blended with Juniper, Clary Sage and Geranium essential oils.


6. As a flower essence Lavender has positive qualities of assisting spiritual sensitivity, while balancing the feeling of over-stimulation.


7. When blended with a carrier oil it can be used to anoint the body. Look for carrier oils that are organic, cold-pressed and virgin.


8. Anoint the heart chakra to receive love. Apply anointing oil using a clockwise motion to bring love in.


9. Lavender resonates with the crown chakra as well, relating to universal consciousness. Anoint the top of the forehead using a downward motion. This motion is symbolic of bringing the spirit into the body.


10. When using essential oils for spiritual purposes it is important to handle them with deep respect. To cleanse the energies of the oils back to purity, pour them into a himalayan salt votive holder. Leave the oil in the votive holder overnight to purify. The next day very carefully (use a small funnel) return the oil to its bottle. Store in a dark bottle, away from heat and light. *Note- This should be done immediately after purchase. You never know who has been handling the oils and what type of energy has been influencing it. 


I hope these tips are favorable for you and your practices. Essential oils and flower essences have a special place in my heart.   If you are looking for a quality oil or himalayan salt votive holder, I have posted links below of ones that I believe are of a good quality. If you have additional tips you would like to contribute, please leave a comment below. 

For information about how flower essences can benefit you, go to Flower Essence Workbook For Lightworkers and Empaths.




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