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The Wilkinson Effect Empath Training Course

April is just flying by! As you probably know by now, The Wilkinson Effect is launching it's first official course for Empath training: The Empath Mastery E-Course on May 2nd!

I am so excited to be connecting with you on an even more personal level and teaching you the tools and techniques that will teach you to be an amazing Empath! I'm not about to get all salesy on the blog, but I do want to share with you a couple of videos that will give you a look at the inside of the Empath Course so that you will know what to expect from it.

Here's a look at an overview of this 6 week course:


And here is a video straight out of the Empath Mastery Course from Week 1:


These are just glimpses of the course. I have included extra materials including a journal, meditations, fun activities and a ton of information to keep you feeling like you are sitting there with me! Don't you hate taking courses where you feel like you can't engage with anything that you are learning? I don't want you to feel that way so I made sure to include videos, pictures, texts and audios so that you can adapt what you are learning to fit with your learning style. Seriously, I don't want any Lightworkers or Empaths to feel left behind! When you join the Empath Mastery E-Course for your Empath training you get to come be a part of a new growing lightworker community.

On the Lightworker and Empaths page on Facebook I posted a special offer with the EarlyBird coupon code that I am sharing right here:


I really want to celebrate the opening of the course with you that's why this coupon code shouldn't be passed up. Once May 2nd comes, the coupon code won't be active anymore. Don't miss out because this is a really killer deal. AND since the course is can help me with the final touches by letting me know what you think should be added to it. 

I haven't made this announcement yet...but as you can see in the image above, this is level 1 of a 3 level program. For right now I'm keeping Level 2 a secret :) , but MY mission has been made clear and should you choose to accept YOUR mission by completing the entire 3 level Empath Mastery Course, you will be one unstoppable Lightworker! Let's face it, we are in this together. Our life purpose is to shine brightly and illuminate the path so that others can find their way also. It's not a commitment to take lightly. We have to "Be the change you want to see in the world." and we can honestly say that we all have moment when that can feel especially challenging. We ARE human. But we are also in this mission together and I am ready to commit to teaching you everything that I know so that you don't have to waste years of your life like I did, hurting and stumbling in the dark trying to figure it all out while hurting on the inside. It's a horrible place to be stuck. 

So you've told me what you wanted, what you need and I listened and put all of my love and knowledge into this course for you. Go grab a friend or two or a bunch and lets's rock this together! It's not just a course, it's building community. THIS is your tribe!

Sign Up at and enter the coupon code "EarlyBirdEM" before May 2nd.

Blessings and see you on the inside,

Laura Wilkinson

This offer is currently expired but you can still join the Empath training, online course by clicking here.

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