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The #1 Reason That Empaths Suffer


There is one main underlying problem that I see when people tell me about their challenges as an Empath. To help me emphasize this problem I am going to use the story of the hippopotamus. 

There was once a hippopotamus who was not very enthusiastic at the thought of being a hippo. He tried to paint stripes on himself so that he would look like a zebra, but all of the other animals knew that he was not really a zebra. So, he tried to paint himself with spots to look more like a leopard, but all of the other animals knew that he was not a leopard. He even tried to waddle around as if he were a duck. You can probably imagine how ridiculous that looked, but all of the other animals knew that he was not a duck, he was indeed a hippo. 

One day he finally came to the conclusion that he was in fact a hippo and there was nothing that he could do to change the fact that he was a hippo. Once he finally made the choice to embrace and nurture himself as a hippo, he was able to lead his life happy. “Happy as a hippo”.

Stop and consider this story for a few moments. Does this describe you and how you approach your life as an Empath? Are you trying to wear stripes or spots to fit in with everyone else? You might be struggling with your life right now because you are fighting who you naturally are. 

You are a sensitive being who feels the energies of the people and places around you so deeply that you feel them as if they are your own. You are not a leopard. You are not a zebra. You are not a duck. You are a hippo. 

 If you are going through life and trying to fit in to be just like everyone else, then you are probably doing a major disservice to yourself. You have special needs that you need to attend to so that you can feel your life with an open heart without being overwhelmed. Part of your self -care should include taking the time to cleanse and clear your energy. Everyday should include taking the time to do a self-evaluation. Although your new self-care regiment might feel like a big undertaking at first, I want you to remember that soon it will become a very natural part of your routine.

When you were first learning to walk growing from an infant to a toddler, taking those first few steps was something that you probably did while you were pretty wobbly. It wasn’t something that you mastered in the very beginning. Compared to crawling, walking was an entirely different approach that you had to take in order to grow and evolve. But as you practiced daily you got better at it and soon enough it was something that came with less and less effort, then before you knew it you were running.  

If you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, being constantly frustrated or confused about being an Empath then please consider this. Are you allowing yourself to be “happy as a hippo” or are you trying to paint yourself with stripes or spots every day, attempting to be just like everyone else?

What one thing can you begin to do today so that you can nurture who you naturally are as an Empath and be “Happy as a Hippo”? 

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