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An Amazing Course for Empath Training!


I honestly can't believe that it's finally here! The Wilkinson Effect's new Empath training (a signature course) Empath Mastery E-Course is now open for enrollment. I've been so busy searching to find my balance while keeping momentum during the course opening, that I haven't even found the time to write about it on The Wilkinson Effect blog! 

So, I'm thrilled to announce that the Empath Mastery E-Course is officially now open for you to sign up. You are about to embark on a journey of your life in this transformation program that teaches you self-mastery as an Empath. It doesn't matter if you’re a holistic practitioner who struggles with absorbing client’s negative energy. You could be an intuitive reader that relys on your ability to feel the pain of your clients. Or you could be a  Lightworker or an Empath who still feels uncertain of your soul purpose or life path. 

I created this unique Empath training, Empath Mastery ™  for people like you who are ready to take their empathic abilities to a whole new level; feeling grounded, centered and energetic while doing what you love the most, helping others. Here's how it breaks down week by week:

Week One: Energy Awareness

During this first week you will be learning the difference between energy fields. I teach you a terrific technique to easily practice self-awareness anywhere. 


Week Two: Energy Shielding

In week two you'll learn how to protect your energy as well as learn a few different techniques that will help you  see and feel energy.


Week Three: Stress and Tension

Week three teaches you how to focus on the ways that you carry stress and tension in your body, as you experiment with different ways to move your energy.


Week Four: Creating Sacred Space

Then in week four you will learn how to create your sacred space and keep it free of other people's negative energy.


Week Five: Healthy Relationships

In week five you will travel through time to visit your relationship stories, then learn to forgive and heal them. Heal your heart.


Week Six: Natural Healing Techniques 

This last week of the course teaches you all about flower essences and essential oils that are especially good for Empaths. Feel confident in selecting and using natural healing modalities that will nurture you, protect your energy and help you during your personal transformation. 

To really help you understand how to implement specialized techniques, I provide you with demonstration videos to show you step by step processes so that you can fully grasp how to use the tools that will change your life.There are weekly instruction videos, demonstration videos, pdf charts/journals, and meditations that equip you with enough knowledge to learn how to Heal Your Heart. This unique Empath training can help you to finally create a lifestyle that nurtures your needs. It's time for you to replenish your energy so that you have the time to do things for yourself!


Right now I have an amazing offer for the first 50 people who claim it. For $197 investment in yourself you get access to the Empath Mastery E-Course AND you will receive a follow up coaching session with just you and I!

I don't normally accept one on one clients for such a low fee, because in the very recent past I was using all of my  time creating this amazing course for you. My family/work/self life is constantly being re-balanced, especially now that my baby girl is a full on toddler who likes to keep me on my toes all day long. But I know that the people who are truly dedicated and who immerse themselves fully into the course will benefit even more from having a one on one coaching session with me after completing Week 6. 

Because this Empath training course teaches you life transformation, you will have a new found perspective on your life when you finish it. I can help you get a birds eye view of what your life looks like, and guide you on where to go from there. I believe that you know in the deepest core of your heart exactly what you want and need in your life. I can help you achieve that

If you want to be one of the 50 people to sign up for the Empath Mastery E-Course and the One on On Coaching Session with me you can purchase it by clicking on this link. This offer will end on August 7th to prevent no more than 50 people signing up!



Blessings to you on your journey,

Laura Wilkinson      

Transformation Life Coach to Empaths and Lightworkers

Holistic Practitioner




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