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Training for Empaths

The Empath Mastery Program has had a HUGE UPGRADE!


The Lightworkers & Empaths Membership Area is the best online training program for Lightworkers & Empaths who want to embrace their natural gifts and begin to transform their life. 



This is a sacred area for people who are ready to take their lightworker & empath gifts to a whole new level; 

feeling grounded, centered and energetic while doing what you love most (connecting to a higher purpose). 


   You will learn and practice how to...

   • Feel grounded, become more centered and heal your heart 

   • Balance your own chakras

   • Connect with your spirit guides, angels and your higher self


If you truly want to follow your heart to evolve yourself spirtually to the next level there are a few key things that you have to be committed to:


  • Be willing to show up for yourself as the Amazing Creator that you are! (You ARE a divine creator!)

  • Release any/all attachment to the idea that being an Empath means being in pain; physically, mentally,                   emotionally, and spiritually. It doesn't!

  • Be willing to put yourself FIRST, just this once as you develop and nurture yourself along your learning path. This commitment is really         about stepping into your personal power and making yourself your first priority. Fill your cup and then let it overflow to assist others!


No matter if you..

  • Still feel uncertain of your soul purpose.

  • Are a holistic practitioner who struggles with absorbing client’s negative energy.

  • Are an intuitive reader and you rely on your ability to feel the pain of your clients.

    Great news! I understand your concerns, you are in the right place! 


I’m Laura Wilkinson, Transformation Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner. I am a graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and I hold certificates as a:

• Life coach

• Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

• Holistic Nutrition Specialist

• Reiki Practitioner

My passions for natural healing guided me to aromatherapy and working with flower essences. I teach you how to select and use flower essences; how to cleanse and clear the energy of your space and yourself. I specialize in teaching personal empowerment to Empaths and Lightworkers, who are ready to become miraculous healers of their own lives.

Before becoming a Transformation Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner, I was completely miserable in my life. I suffered with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) for over 12 years. I had flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks, depression, general anxiety and it was really difficult to have a social life. 

Growing up I was really aware of how different I was than my peers. I was highly compassionate for nature and for the "little guy".  I was the girl who would hang out with the kids that nobody else wanted to hang out with, which pretty much made me an outcast too. I was the girl who would pick up liter on the playground during recess. I was a peer-mediator and peer-counselor at my middle school. I was always the protector.

Being an Empath use to make me feel really vulnerable to everyone and everything around me. I believed everything that I felt was true, whether it was my own feelings or someone else’s. Everything felt very personal and my sensitivities to life kept damaging me because I didn’t realize what was happening. I internalized waaayyyy too much.

But even once I  finally realized what was happening, I still didn’t know how to fix it. I felt completely imbalanced and out of control of my life. The mentality that went along with that put me in some really funky situations including being homeless and being completely broke in my mind, body and spirit. It also translated to being broke like as in having zero money. 

Once I began my education and training as a Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner I was able to see how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. By applying these newly learned practices, I stopped having symptoms of PTSD and I was able to reverse the direction of my dis-ease back towards the path of healing. My life is completely different now that I can embrace who I am naturally and nurture the abilities that once almost took me down.

With my deep knowledge of the Mind-Body Connection, I understand the common mistakes that you make as an Empath and I know the amazing practices, techniques and mindset skills that will transform your life from pain to gain.

To help you make your path smooth, easy to navigate and supportive; I created a signature program. Lightworkers & Empaths Membership is a 6 month online membership club is for people who are Lightworkers and/or Empaths wanting to bring joy back into their life, double their energy and live every day feeling light at heart while doing the things they love to do. The Lightworkers & Empaths Membership is structured to bring you the tools and mindset that it takes to thrive a person who loves life, is full of energy and wants to help heal other people.

This membership is for you if you are tired of feeling sick and tired with headaches, moods that swing between feeling hopeless to feeling overwhelmed, and the all too common struggle of feeling exhausted after you meet with your beloved clients.



To really help you understand how to implement specialized techniques, I provide you with demonstration videos to show you step by step processes so that you can fully grasp how to use the tools that will change your life.



Look, the emotion of love does have boundaries. BUT… you can love someone with all of your heart and create clearer boundaries. There is a line of what is acceptable behavior between you and the people in your life, whether personal or professional. Boundaries are necessary to protect you from being squashed. I teach you the difference between unlimited love and having personal boundaries.



I am an Empath myself and yes I did learn some tricks along my path of personal discovery, but it wasn’t until I became certified a Life Coach and Mind-Body Practitioner that I was able to QUICKLY apply the skills and techniques that I needed to tap back into my unlimited personal power of being and Empath and understanding how to use that force to heal other people without making myself vulnerable to other people. It can take years to try to figure things out when you are navigating your own path. STOP wasting your time, it’s precious!



The Wilkinson Effect is about all of us coming together to support each other in our growth. Our mission to first heal ourselves, then help others heal is a part of a huge ripple effect that will carry on throughout the next generations. There is a lot of healing to be done still in this world.  We see the contrast of light show up daily to remind us of the things that are still requiring healing. We are on this soul path together.

This membership takes you on a journey to find the essence of yourself that is a miraculous healer. Together we will:

• Heal Your Heart. By creating healthy boundaries, healing past relationships and practicing the art of forgiveness through an easy to do anytime anywhere meditation.

• Create a lifestyle that nurtures your needs. Your home and your routines are keys to the success of your health on so many levels. These need to be created with intention!

• Replenish your energy so that you can have more energy and time to do things for yourself.

• Align with your soul's purpose. Whether your soul's purpose is a professional mission or a person path, learn how to connect with your purpose.

This isn’t your average membership program. I will show you how to tap into your natural abilities to experience the world differently and show you how to blossom into someone who can feel safe while experiencing the world as a highly sensitive person. 


Here's what other people are saying about Empath Mastery:


"I was actually able to get rid of feeling anxious all the time! I have felt relaxed for the past couple days. I think just realizing that I'm not alone & I'm not crazy has helped me a lot. I did reiki on a couple people and animals this week. I was able to not take on their pain & actually felt better myself after working on them! Yay!!!!!" -Karen


"I've been able to really assess how i'm feeling. It feels way better than writing angry letters that I can never send." - Sara


"It really helped me separate myself from other people and things, and focus on my myself. I was able to make some great decisions I needed to." -Marissa



1. Emotional freedom to express yourself, knowing that what you feel is what YOU are feeling and not someone else’s garbage.

2. Better relationships with the people that you care about and more refined boundaries with the people in your life that drain your energy.

3. Knowledge and experience with how to move your stuck energy.

4. Become more balanced in your emotional and mental states. 

5. The ability to feel safe as you enjoy being around groups of people.

6. New practices and routines that keep you and your home clear from unwanted negative energy.

7. Confidence in selecting and using flower essences and essential oils to support your Empathetic needs.

8. Elevated connection with your spirit guides, angels and your higher self

9. Heal your spiritual and emotional heart from past wounds.

10. Awareness of your physical health and insight of what your body might be saying to you.


The Steps

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How To Contact Your Spirit Guides
  • How To Contact With Your Angels
  • Aligning With Your Soul's Purpose
  • Energy Awareness
  • Energy Shielding
  • Stress and Tension
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Natural Healing Methods for Lightworkers & Empaths
  • Our 7 Main Chakras


It’s time to commit to being an Empath who is self-aware. When you join the Lightworkers & Empaths Membership Club you will accelerate healing your life and you will get:

  • Access to a group of people who can relate to you.
  • Weekly videos that discuss each topic.
  • Access to meditations created just for you.
  •  A PDF download for the Flower Essence Workbook for Empaths and Lightworkers (Includes selecting and using flower essences, charts and instructions on how to find flower essences).
  • A PDF download of The Wilkinson Effect Empath Journal Template
  • A PDF download for Cleansing and Clearing Your Sacred Space
  • Meditations To Help You Connect With Your Spirit Guides
  • Demonstration Videos that show you “How to”:

                *Cleanse and Clear Your Sacred Space

                *Select and Use Flower Essences

                *Select and Use Essential Oils for grounding, meditating and lifting your spirit.

  • Membership access for 6 months!


This membership club is for Lightworkers & Empaths who want to feel like they can safely remain open to the world but are in need of elevating their skills and energy. 

I have over 30 years of life experience as an Empath. Over 23 years attempting to heal my life without someone to guide me. I have a background as a Mind-Body Practitioner with official training from a highly regarded Holistic Arts College for Life Coaching, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Flower Essences, Auriculotherapy for Transformation, Essential Oils for the Spirit, Flower Essences, Toe Reading, and Reiki healing.

I know all about using the Mind, Body, Spirit connections to heal yourself and how to not only survive as an Empath but how to thrive in your gifts. And I know that you want this too. That’s why you’re here.  

You are amazing. You have an incredible gift and you want to improve it so that you can actually enjoy it. 

If you do the work, then you will come out of this membership with knowledge, a new set of skills and a whole new outlook on being a Lightworker and an Empath. Your time has come and there is no reason not to rise to the occasion. Join me along with other Lightworkers & Empaths as we heal ourselves so that we can help heal the world. <3

In Love and Light,

Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt

Life Transformation Coach

Holistic Practitioner


Do you have any lingering questions?

 If you do, join me on the Lightworkers and Empaths Facebook Page: and send me a message. I'm happy to answer your questions.

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Do you have any lingering questions?  If you do, join me for inspiration and support in the community Page for Lightworkers and Empaths at: 

Love and Light,

Laura Wilkinson, CLC CHt



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