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You Can Change Your Life



Welcome To Your Turning Point!


Even though it might not feel like a positive thing right now… you really are in the best place to start navigating your journey. You’ve arrived at the point of decision. I am so excited for you! 

This is the time in your life when you’ve decided that "enough is enough" and something absolutely has to change. I’ve been there too and honestly, it felt horrible until I learned how to use healing strategies and processes that pulled me out the fiery pits of discouragement and despair and back onto the path of possibility.

Things will get better as you are ready to commit the time and effort towards trying things differently. It will get better for you when your determination to have a better quality of life, is bigger than your fear of changing or contentment in staying the same. When you reach this point, it's life-changing!



You know that you’re in the right place right now if you have been through a whirlwind

and are 110% committed to NEVER going back.



Healing is not always an outwardly beautiful process. For the inexperienced eye, it can look like everything is simply falling apart. Without strategies and processes, it’s all too easy for people to wander off their healing path. 


For some people, like myself, there is a healing crisis that needs to be experienced as your mind, body and spirit begin to cleanse old beliefs, thought patterns and memories that have kept you stuck in your life.


You’ve been looking for a 2nd chance at life. A chance to create a new life and new self-awareness.




Right now your stress is probably running high and the thought of falling back together sounds appealing but ... you’re holding on by a thin wire but there’s a crazy balance that you just can’t seem to find between getting ahead and not burning yourself out. You’re way too close to having a breakdown.  

But before you go on tempting yourself with thoughts of giving up hope …. Don’t!

If it feels too overwhelming I want you to remind yourself of some very important truths

about yourself right now!


1) You’re not in this alone! I will help you find the support that you need during this time of transition and I will bring you through healing processes to get you back to loving your life ASAP! (No more detours/distractions)


2) You’ve been through a whirlwind of life and you ARE 110% committed to NEVER going back. (Remember that’s not really an option!) You’re really ready to heal this pain.


3)You’re ready for this chance to create a New Life and a New Self-Identity. 



My name is Laura Wilkinson.  I am a Life Transformation Coach and Mind-Body Practitioner (Holistic Practitioner). I love working with people like you who are determined to change their life path and are committed to improving their self-awareness!


I use specific strategies and processes to guide you through a healing path that will help you change your life, teaching you how to implement life changes that will stick. I'm going to show you how to Empower Your Life.



Start Allowing Falling Apart To Lead You To Fall Back Together!



I started The Wilkinson Effect as an online business to bring group programs, courses and video trainings to educate people about the mind, body, spirit connection and lead them through a healing direction in  life.  



I believe that we need to see ourselves as whole people; mind, body, and spirit.


I believe that we need to re-balance our social classes through life education by focusing on personal development.


I believe that we need to all be actively participating in generational healing!



As we work within ourselves to heal the old beliefs and values from the generations born before us (which are no longer serving the collective consciousness), we are simultaneously healing ourselves. As we practice these changes and heal our grown society, our children must be taught the life skills that will help them prepare to be successful adults in life. 



Start Falling Apart To Fall Back Together NOW!



As your coach and practitioner my goals are to help you:

  • Discover your dreams. It's time to soar!
  • Build a strong foundation of support to grow from.
  • Guide you out of your comfort zones to experience a life without borders.
  • Stay focused on your goals.


I will hold a sacred space without judgment where you can feel safe to heal as you transform your life. My coaching style is about helping you achieve Mind, Body, and Spirit alignment in your life.



Holistic healing is a way of life. It’s about finding harmony in each of the subtle bodies; body, mind, and spirit. I created The Wilkinson Effect as an online business of programs and courses to help you build the bridge between the pain of where you are today, to connect you with peace where you want to be.


These strategies combine life coaching, holistic nutrition education and coaching, meditation and transpersonal hypnotherapy sessions, flower essences, and essential oils. Through these processes, I’ve been able to re-create my life by learning how to let go of old patterns and how to create new ones that lead me to where I want to be.


Change needs to have direction. You need to have a plan of action and frequent self-evaluations.


To start experiencing a HUGE transformation in your life you have to first make sure that you’ve got all of your essentials! This is part of building that solid foundation to grow from. You want to set yourself up for success. It’s time to really tap into being a resourceful SEEKER and DOER.


I will lead you through everything that you need in order to feel more fully supported as you begin to change your life. With each step that you take as I guide you through your journey, every action that you take is you saying "Yes" to yourself and healing your life.


Your first step begins right now. Click on the download button below to download this mini-workbook that will help you identify the type of people who will be supportive during your healing. It also comes with your stress management checklist to help you easily identify the things that help you feel relaxed and nurtured when you need to take a timeout. From there you will be directed to your next step. You don't need a lucky break. You need to start setting yourself up for success. I will show you how.  Your life is your journey!



Bon Voyage,

Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt.           

Life Transformation Coach

Holistic Practitioner


Client Testimonials

"I always love working with Laura. I feel connected with her even though we don't have a personal relationship. I feel that she is able to attune herself with me very easily and help me find my own answers."-T.R.


"Well thought out. Loads of passion. Wonderful experience!!!"- Anonymous


"Laura presents herself very professional. She holds space and exhibits an energy that is empathetic and comforting. I would and have recommended Laura to others" -B.H.


"Thank you SO much for the session last night. I've been thinking a lot about it. I love your calm nature, caring attitude, and knowledge." - S.S.


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